How To Get to And Explore Bach Ma National Park?

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How To Get to And Explore Bach Ma National Park?

How To Get to And Explore Bach Ma National Park?

How To Get to And Explore Bach Ma National Park?






There is a myriad of best tourist attractions in Vietnam and if you're looking to escape the city life of Hue for a day and into the nature, a guided trip to Bach Ma National Park will not let you down.


In addition to its excellent ecosystem conservation, the stunning and tranquil natural beauty of Bach Ma National Park has earned it the nickname "heaven on earth" among conservationists.




Despite being 1,450 meters above sea level and only 10 kilometers from the sea, the temperature in Bach Ma is surprisingly pleasant.


A total of 37,487 ha make up Bach Ma, which is split into a protected core area, an administrative zone, and a buffer zone.


There is still a sizeable chunk of the original, undeveloped forest that was home to a wide variety of flora (2,147 species) and fauna (over 1,500 species), including 93 that are listed as endangered on both the Vietnamese Red List and the Global Red List.




In addition, the mountainous terrain where Bach Ma National Park is located once served as the dividing line between North and South Vietnam.


When compared to Vietnam's other national parks, Bach Ma stands out for its unique blend of terrain types. Waterfalls, cool woods, and blooming rhododendrons all contribute to this area's natural beauty.


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The background of history


In 1932, the colonial government of Hue, Vietnam, commissioned French engineer Girard to build a hill station at the peak of Bach Ma.


To accommodate visitors and save them the 19-kilometer journey to the next major town, a post office, a market, and a hospital were set up.


In 1937, there were already 139 vacation villas there, making it known as the "Dalat of Central Vietnam." This region was the site of fierce fighting during the early years of the Vietnam War, in the 1950s.




After France's independence, residents rapidly forgot about Bach Ma and left the abandoned houses. Little has changed in the park since the early twentieth century, and among the verdant trees you can still find a small collection of French colonial residences that have been transformed into charming guesthouses.


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The Third Myth of Bach Ma Mountain




Bach Ma translates to "White Horse," a reference to the ethereal white mist that often blankets the peak of the mountain. The gods, according to myth, would ride their steeds up to this summit and play chess.


While the horses were out having fun, they started hunting for pasture. Because the horse became so preoccupied with eating grass, the gods were delayed in ascending to heaven.


The horses spent the entire year roaming the mountains, morphing into clouds that looked like white horses. Because of this, Bach Ma was given as a name.


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Specific Driving Instructions




It takes less than two hours to get from Hue City (40 km), Danang (60 km), or Hoian (90 km) to Bach Ma National Park. Because of its central location between Hue and Da Nang, visitors can easily reach Bach Ma National Park by renting a motorbike or car from either city.


However, those who value their solitude the most should rent a private car with Vietnam Car Rental in order to see Bach Ma National Park to its fullest.


During what season should one go to Bach Ma?


Bach Ma has mild temperatures and good weather from March through September. In contrast to the sweltering metropolis below, the mountaintop always remains comfortably cool. You'll find peace and fewer tourists if you go between October and January.


Places to stay for you to consider


The Do Quyen Villas I and II in Bach Ma are like a full-service three-star hotel. There is air conditioning, a comfortable bed, and room service in each of the rooms. 


Weekends see a surge in demand for hotel rooms, so it's best to call Vietnam Car Rental ahead of time to ensure availability for your travel dates.


Seven things to do and see at Bach Ma National Park


Vong Hai Dai (The Sea Observation): "Vong Hai Dai" is perched at an impressive 1,430 meters atop the scenic peaks of Bach Ma. The "Vong Hai Dai" trail is one of the easiest paths in Bach Ma National Park and will lead you to the park's highest point.




When visiting Bach Ma National Park, this is also the first place you should stop and register. From the top, one has a 360-degree panorama over the huge farmland and the ocean beyond, including the waters of Canh Duong in Hue and Lang Co in Da Nang.


Ngu Ho (Five Lakes): After a half-hour walk, you'll reach a series of beautiful, lyrical waterfalls and ethereal blue lakes. There are five lakes in the area known as "The Five Lakes," all of which are very near to one another but have different elevations.


It resembles the moon when it is full. Six meters up, water cascades to form a gigantic water curtain that, when illuminated by the sun, creates a breathtaking scene.


The best time to see Do Quyen Waterfall (Rhododendron Waterfall) is in the spring. At an elevation of almost 300 meters, the falls offer a year-round spectacle, producing a white froth of water.


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Image by Vietnam Budget Car rental


Do Quyen waterfall gets its name from the profusion of March-blooming rhododendrons in the area. Flowers are too beautiful to be expressed in words; instead, they should be seen in person.

Truot Falls is a beautiful waterfall found in the Bach Ma National Park buffer zone, at the base of a mountain range that rises above 1,500 meters.

Named for the natural water slide created by the falls' water over a big rock in the falls' center, "slide waterfall" describes the natural phenomenon best. Waterslides are made smoother by the persistent, thin coating of moss that clings to rocks.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery is situated by a lake at the base of Bach Ma Mountain. There are a number of buildings and statues of Buddha that make up the complex.


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Travelers can reach the monastery through a 15-minute boat ride across the lake and a subsequent ascent of the stairs.


Explore the fauna: Bach Ma National Park is home to over a million different species of birds and hundreds of primates, in addition to its 1400 plant species. If you want to observe these rare and endangered species, a trip to Bach Ma National Park is a must.




Try some local fare: Bach Ma Village in Bach Ma National Park offers a wide selection of tasty treats for a reasonable price.




Some examples include "Bun Bo Hue" (Hue style beef noodle), "Com Hen" (baby basket clams rice), "Bun Thit Nuong" (grilled pork noodle), "Ca Tre Nuong" (grilled catfish), "Ga Nuong La Mac Mat" (grilled chicken with Vietnamese curry), "Banh Bot Loc" (pork and shrimp dumpling), and "Banh It Tran" (Vietnam sticky rice dumpling). of addition, the nightlife of Bach Ma hamlet is enhanced by the presence of a Café' & Bar.


Lang Co Beach, Hai Van Pass, Hue City, and Danang City are only few of the nearby attractions that visitors may reach from Bach Ma.


Vietnam Car Rental can arrange for you to visit Bach Ma National Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Vietnam, where you can go sightseeing, trekking, and swimming. In addition to helping you book flights and hotels, our Vietnamese travel agents can also help you craft a unique itinerary.


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