All Things You Need To Know Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

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All Things You Need To Know Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

All Things You Need To Know Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

All Things You Need To Know Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park





Vietnam has a myriad of the top best famous national parks such as Hoang Lien National Park, Ca Mau National Park or The Pu Mat National Park. Phong Nha-Ke Bang is also one of them that you should not overlook.


The magnificent wonders and remarkable adventures available at Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park will make your trip dreams come true.


Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park's adventure trips have become the industry standard for excellence in adventure travel across not only Vietnam and Asia, but the entire world.


You fall in love with the area and its many opportunities for experiencing and learning about Vietnam's natural beauty, diverse culture, and fascinating history.




Quang Binh Province, in the centre of northern Vietnam, is home to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that stretches across the Bo Trach and Minh Hoa districts. About 500 kilomètres separate it from Hanoi, while another 1,200 separate it from Ho Chi Minh City.

The Phong Nha Cave and the Ke Bang limestone forest are responsible for the park's unique moniker.

The park's location in a limestone zone covering 2,000 square kilometers in Vietnamese territory is adjacent to the Hin Namno.

Nature Reserve in Laos. The core area of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is 857.54 km2, and the buffer area is 1,954 km2.

The park safeguards the ecological significance of the Annamite Range's limestone forest and its proximity to important karst features.

Since the Paleozoic Era (about 400 million years ago), Phong Nha-Ke Bang karst has been developing, making it Asia's oldest major karst area.

In this region, you'll find both karstic and non-karstic landforms (three of the former and two of the latter).

Peak Co Rilata (1,128 m) and Peak Co Preu (1,213 m) are just two of the park's many mountains that reach altitudes of above 1,000 m.

There are about 300 different grottoes and caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, including the world's largest cave, Son Doong Cave, which was found in 2009. Only a small fraction of the cave system's 100+ kilometers in length has been explored.

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Caves with well-known names, such as Phong Nha Cave, Vom Cave Systems, Tien Son Cave, Paradise Cave, Son Doong Cave, Ruc Mon Cave, etc., can be found in this park right now.

The Son and Chay rivers, which constitute the majorité des caves in this national park, make Phong Nha home to the longest subterranean river in the world, in addition to cave and grotto systems.

Gio Waterfall, Madame Loan Waterfall, Moc Stream, Tra Ang Stream, and countless other spectacular streams, springs, and waterfalls can all be found at Phong Nha – Ke Bang.

In addition to its geographical significance, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is also significant as an archaeological and historical site. 

This area was first discovered by the Cham people, as evidenced by the discovery of their ancient hieroglyphic script by the archaeologists.

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Approximately what time should I leave?


Between February and April, when temperatures are mild and there is little chance of flooding, is the ideal time to visit Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.

Although June through August are the hottest months, any time of year might be perfect. The rest of the year is split between freezing temperatures (December–February) and heavy rain and flooding (August–December).

From October through December, floods are possible, so it's best to double-check the forecast before making the trip. Even if it is possible, going there is still a danger.

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How should I proceed to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park?


Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park has so much to offer because of its stunning beauty. Here are some places to go and activities to enjoy!

The Vom Cave System includes the 31-kilometer long dry channel known as Paradise Cave in Asia.

Price: Each visitor will be charged 250,000 VND (this does not include the cost of electric cart transportation from the main entrance to the base of the stairs going up to the cave).

The entrance to Phong Nha Cave can be found at the source of a tributary of the Son River.

The cost is 150,000 VND for each visitor, 360,000 VND for each boat (which may hold up to 14 people), and 300,000 VND for an English-speaking guide.

If you're interested in visiting Tien Son Cave in addition to Phong Nha Cave, make sure to ask about it when you buy your Phong Nha Cave ticket. The view from the top of the steps is stunning and well worth the walk.

Cave exploration is a more hazardous and grimy outing. A quick kayak ride or a zip line will lead you to the cave.

Admission costs between 170,000 and 450,000 Vietnamese Dong (VND) per person, depending on the time of year.

The Botanical Garden has peaceful paths, beautiful trees, and a waterfall, making it an ideal place for families.

The price is 40,000 VND for each individual.

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Trails on the Nuoc Mooc Ecotrail are clearly marked and have bamboo flooring. They may transport you over rapid rivers and to quaint ponds.

Each individual must pay 80,000 VND to enter, or 180,000 VND for an unlimited permit.

Farmland and small towns dot the Bong Lai Valley.

Several families call this place home, and they all offer excellent meals and refreshing beverages to guests. You should check out the Duck Stop, Moi Moi Restaurant, Wild Boar Eco Farm, and the Pub with Cold Beer.

Dinner and drinks at these restaurants cost 150,000 VND per person (depending on the size of your group).

You can go hiking, kayaking, biking, ziplining, or on a boat tour.

The most challenging and costly excursion in the region is a visit to Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world.

You need to plan months in advance and be in peak mental and physical health to go on this trip. For those that crave adventure, here are several other paths to consider:

Camp at the Hang En Cave for Two Days and One Night

Guests in good physical shape can expect a moderately exciting experience (22km).

One, Two, or Three Day Hang Tien Exploration

The three-day itinerary has a moderate adventure rating (8-28.5km) and requires swimming for physically active travellers.

2 Days, 1 Night in Hang Va

Physically energetic visitors may find it challenging to moderate.

The Daylong Exploration of Nuoc Nuts

A moderate amount of trekking experience is required for this adventure.

Exploring Tu Lan Cave is a 1-3 day process.

The adventurous level is suitable for guests with a moderate degree of physical activity.

You can easily combine a trip here with a visit to one of the other major tourist destinations in central Vietnam, such Hue City (4 hours away by car), Danang (610 km), or Hoi An (350 km).

If you want to understand more about Vietnam's history and culture before and after the conflicts, another option is to go on the Ho Chi Minh Tour Trails.

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Just tell me where I should sleep.

Stay at the Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort (rates start at $65 USD)!


This resort has a swimming pool, a fantastic restaurant, and the best drinks menu in the area, and it's only 8 kilometers from the entrance to the National Park and 18 kilometers from Phong Nha.

Water sports enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy themselves here, since the area is home to river cruises, sailing, kayaking, water skippers, round boats, and water bikes. You can count on having a great time and laughing at each of these.


Price per night at the Victory Road Villas begins at $100 USD.


The Victory Road Villas in Phong Nha Village provide a wonderful base from which to explore the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, as they look out over the peaceful Son River.

Boutique hotels like this one are all about the details, and this one is no exception. It's a beautiful fusion of modern western style with traditional Annamese and Tonkinese architecture. All of the villas have king-size beds, private bathrooms, air conditioning, a kitchen, a TV set, and high-speed Internet access.

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Eco-friendly Phong Nha Lake House Hotel (from $45/night).


During your stay, we shall see to your every want. The Lake House is managed by a Vietnamese-Australian couple named Tham and Tony, who work hard to make sure their guests have everything they need, including air conditioning and wireless internet.

A traditional Vietnamese home built in 1954 in Northern Vietnam by skilled carpenters and artisans from the adjacent town of Ha Giang served as inspiration for the Lake House Project.


Farmstay in Phong Nha (from USD $65)


Located just outside of Phong Nha - Ke Bang and close to the Ho Chi Minh Trails, Phong Nha Farmstay provides comfortable accommodations in a French Colonial style amid the bucolic scenery of rice paddies. You can go on exciting excursions, or you can just relax by the pool and get to know the local culture.

In addition, there are a great deal of guesthouses and hotels that offer lower star ratings or cater to budget travelers. They are mostly found in three areas: the urban core along the Son River, the Bong Lai Valley (about 8 km away), and the surrounding countryside.


Tips for Planning Your Trip


Dress warmly because the caves have an average temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, even in the middle of summer.


The park still has explosive ordnance from the Vietnam War, so visitors are advised to stay on the designated paths. During the wet months of October through December, many caves close for safety reasons.


How can I travel to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in the most expedient manner possible?


From Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and elsewhere in Vietnam, you may easily reach Quang Binh by plane, train, or bus. The city of Dong Hoi is around 45 kilometers (about an hour) away from Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.


Direct flights on Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, or Bamboo Airways from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Hoi take around one hour and fifteen minutes. The price of a one-way plane ticket is anything from $40 to $125 USD.


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*By Train: Taking the train from Hanoi to Dong Hoi is another fantastic option. Traveling the 522 kilometers by train will take about 10 hours.


The SE1, SE3, and SE19 all leave from the Hanoi train station at 120 Le Duan Street at either 22:10 or 19:30.


The Reunification Express, a national train, will offer hard seats, soft seats, hard berths (6 berths per cabin), and soft berths (4 berths per cabin), while the Livitrans, Viollete, Lotus, and Laman Express Train are all luxury trains that only offer soft berth cabins for the utmost in passenger comfort.


Depending on the section, tickets cost from $35 and $80 US. The 1,204 kilometer train ride from Ho Chi Minh City will take 22-24 hours.


Trains SE2 (21:55), SE4 (19:25), SE6 (8:45), and SE10 (14:30) depart from Saigon Railway Station (1 Nguyen Thong Street, District 9) and are part of the Reunification Express. The starting fare for a one-way ticket is $45.


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From Hue/Danang, it will take you 6-7 hours on an overnight train and only 3 hours during the day. One-way tickets start at $12 USD.


Take a Hoang Long bus from Hanoi's Nuoc Ngam bus station to Dong Hoi; the trip takes 9.30 hours and costs around $14 USD one-way.


At 8 o'clock in the evening, the Hoang Long bus leaves Mien Dong station in Ho Chi Minh City for a trip that will take one day and two hours. The typical one-way fee is $26.


If you're searching for the highest level of privacy and convenience, a private car or van is your best bet. It's not inexpensive, but it's perfect for folks who don't like to stick to timetables or obey rules.


Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a prize in Vietnam, on par with Sapa (Fanxipan Mountain) and Halong Bay as the country's top best natural wonders and attractions. To learn more about the places we can take you, the costs involved, and the availability of our services, you can contact Vietnam Budget Carrental.

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