Cu Chi Tunnels - Cao Dai Temple - Black Virgin Mountain Tour 1 Day

Best offers for a private tour a day from Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi Tunnels - Cao Dai Temple - Black Virgin Mountain Tour 1 Day.
► At 7h00 am our
driver and car will pick you up at the hotel and travel for 1h30 minutes on the main road to the Cu Chi tunnels.
¤ Located 70 kilometers Northwest of Ho Chi Minh city, the Cu Chi tunnels are an underground network made up more then 200 km of tunnels. It was dig around 20 years completed by hand and bamboo 
basket.This network underground tunnels in Viet Nam which has been preserved by the Viet Nam Government and has become a popular tourist attraction.

¤ The Cu Chi tunnels were used to hiding during Viet Nam war by Viet Cong soldiers and operation as transfer communications, supplies foods and weapons for the Viet Nam army. They also used the underground tunnels to continue their daily life such as eating, sleeping, meeting, fighting..
¤ At 9:00 am when we arrive at the Cu Chi tunnels (Ben Dinh tunnels). Then we watching a short document video about the tunnels and fighting for survive of the soldiers.

Cu Chi Tunnels - Cao Dai Temple - Black Virgin Mountain Tour 1 Day
¤ Next hour we walk around tunnels area to exploring and learning how the dug the tunnels, how they go in and how were a few thousands of guerrillas managed to stay underground many days at a time. And also seeing many traps were used to during the war.
¤ For extra experience, we have a chance try to shooting a real gun such as Ak47 or M16..
¤ At 11:00 am tour will finish after we try to eat a steamed tapioca such as taste food in the war time.
¤ Proceed to Cao Dai temple 
¤ At 12:00 pm we will arrive and seeing the folower praying at midday.
¤ Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh - a province 95 kms South East of Ho Chi Minh city, close to Cambodia border.
¤ The Great Holy See Temple, built in 1926, is considered one of the most striking structures in all of South-East Asia. It is the headquarters of the unique Cao Dai sect, Cao Dai is the religion combination of Confucianism, Christianity, Taoism and Buddhism.
¤ Cao Dai Temple is the eclectic mix of colours and the amazing use of architecture create a space of beauty.
¤ Afterward, we have lunch at local restaurant at Tay Ninh.
 Cu Chi Tunnels - Cao Dai Temple - Black Virgin Mountain Tour 1 Day
¤ At 14:00 pm we are going to Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin mountain). This is the highest mountain in the Southeastern part of Vietnam. Located 11 km to the Northeast of Tay Ninh City, Ba Den Mountain is 986m high, it is the symbol of the people and the land of Tay Ninh. Which is famous for its majestic natural landscapes, sacred pagodas, temples and mysterious tales. From the cable car, we can get a panoramic view of mysterious caves and the dense forest beneath.
¤ At 16:00 pm back to Ho Chi Minh city.
► The tour ends at 18:00 pm.

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