All Thing you need to know before travelling to Long Hai Vung Tau

Thursday, 24/11/2022, 09:26 GMT+7

Referring to Vung Tau tourism, surely everyone will find the Long Hai beach in Vung Tau, one of the most beautiful spots here.

The natural landscape in harmony with people creates a mystical beauty that attracts countless tourists to visit. In order to save visitors a complete and convenient trip, Vietnam Budget Car Rental send all of us All Thing you need to know before travelling to Long Hai Vung Tau.


Where is Long Hai Vung Tau?

If you ask Long Hai what to play, almost 100% of tourists who are similar to the "territory" of Ba Ria - Vung Tau will immediately show you The "divine" location is Long Hai beach.

The reason why Long Hai beach is beloved is because this location has not raised the level of tourism development, so the coast is quite pristine, deserted, and the blue sea is extremely beautiful.

Located about 25km from Vung Tau city, Long Hai is sought by many people, if it is from Ho Chi Minh City, it is about 90km.

This is a destination of choice with a variety of natural beauties that heaven gives gifts, but also a place for tourists to reduce stress and entertain. Coming here, you will be very surprised with the white sand beach, the blue sea waves.


Long Hai was originally a small town located in Long Dien district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. This is a very ideal tourist location close to Saigon causing tourists to come to relax and learn.

A special feature here, you will be surprised that this is two sides, one side is the forest and the other is the sea in harmony, drawing a lyrical feminine picture.


Which is the best season to travel to Long Hai?

The weather in Long Hai is very pleasant and comfortable, so you can always travel here in any season. Each season, this address brings a separate beauty, giving visitors strange and unique feelings.

The highlight if you go in October or November, you will see cherry blossoms in full bloom. This is probably the best time for you to always be able to take a selfie while traveling to Long Hai.


How to get to Long Hai Vung Tau?

According to our group's Long Hai travel experience, the way to move to Long Hai is quite close and the road is convenient. That's why you can always use countless ways to travel to Long Hai:


By bus:

Going by bus is usually when we go with a group of friends or a few people want to feel that going from Saigon to Long Hai by bus is also very reasonable.

You can always move to the Eastern bus station to buy tickets directly at the ticket counter. The buses will run from 4 am to 19:30, you should arrange the time reasonably.


By motorbike:

For those of you who want to travel, love to learn, traveling by motorbike is a very popular means of transportation. You follow the path as shown in the section above, pay close attention to avoid the wrong path.


By hydrofoils:

Hydrofoil is a relatively fast means of transportation, you can always experience a new and unique feeling by choosing this means of transportation. The departure point of this ship is from Saigon port to Ben Da to Vung Tau and then to Long Hai.



Is the way to travel to Long Hai far?

The distance from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai will be 100km away for 2,5hrs to drive by a private car transfers, taxi, minivan service.

The main road from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai is on a Highway 51 to Long Hai from Ho Chi Minh.

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The road to Long Hai is also quite close to many transportation methods, following an arc, you have 2 ways to move to Long Hai the fastest:

Method 1: From NH 1, HCMC, you turn right and go to Highway 51 along the way down to Vung Tau, then to Ba Ria junction, turn left and go straight to Long Hai.

Method 2: Move to Cat Lai Ferry, follow the direction of Nhon Trach Industrial Park and then go straight until QL51, go down to Vung Tau, meet Ba Ria junction, turn left and you will reach Long Hai.


How should Long Hai travel experience wear?

With pleasant and comfortable weather conditions, choosing clothes to travel to Long Hai is also very simple and easy.

Clothes: You should have for yourself stylish puffy jeans, if you go to the beach, don't forget to bring bathing suits. If you go to the temple, you should bring long clothes, not a shirt with two pants.

Personal use items: It is indispensable that this is an anti-glare cream, anti-mosquito cream, personal cleaning equipment that must be taken away.

Accessories: It is recommended to bring a hat to prevent going into the hot time frame, even if the weather conditions change. Please bring a mask to prevent the Covid epidemic.


Accommodation Recommended In Long Hai

Long Hai tourism should choose where quality, lowest price? According to measurement, Long Hai has quite a few hotels and motels, so choosing a place to stay is also very difficult. Most of the hotels here must have a system from budget to luxury for visitors to choose from.


Long Hai Resort

The resorts in Long Hai are all like Santorini Vietnam, the equipment and decorations are very modern, bringing a gentle beauty. Most of the resorts have a design style that harmonizes the uniqueness between the lyrical and daring nature with the designs here.

Some of the Places to learn more:

  • Alma Oasis Long Hai Resort & Spa
  • Tropicana Beach Long Hai
  • Long Hai Beach
  • Oceanami Villas & Beach Club
  • Thuy Duong Resort
  • Homestay Long Hai

In order to save more budget but still win a house in harmony with nature and traditional traditions, visitors can choose Long Hai homestay. Most of the homestays in Long Hai have an intimate and close-to-nature design that creates a comfortable and pleasant and comfortable stay for visitors.


In addition, all types of equipment are new and outstanding, you can exchange and learn traditional traditional culture at this address.

Some of the most beautiful Long Hai homestays:

  • Bach chrysanthemum homestay
  • Hoang Vi homestay
  • Homestay at Dream House


Long Hai Hotel

If you just want to choose a more affordable address just to go back to sleep and then wake up in the morning to go out, the hotel and motel in Long Hai is also highly appraised.

Not only reasonable value, but also bring a special feature of Long Hai's beauty. The responsive staff is very enthusiastic, considerate, caring for the island to create intimacy for visitors to visit

Some of the typical hotels:

  • Gold Stars Hotel
  • Nam Long Guesthouse 2
  • Ocean Hotel
  • Tien Phuc Guesthouse
  • Quoc An Guesthouse


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Long Hai travel experience where to go?

Any tourist location in Vietnam is built up from the natural beauty, traditional culture of the nation. Similar to Long Hai, you will be very surprised with the unique beauties that many people know here such as:


Minh Dam Mountain

Minh Dam Mountain has long been the terrain base of the network method of the people's army of Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

This was chosen as an important base location because there are many caves and covered trees on this mountain, the eyes on this mountain are very favorable. When you win this mountain, this is also the time when you will capture the immense beauty of Long Hai coast.

Address: Provincial Road 44, Thi Tran Phuoc Hai, Dat Do District

Admission is free, parking fee is 5k


Long Hai Sea

Referring to Long Hai, everyone knows that this address has a very well-known beach, a choice destination that attracts countless tourists to come here. Unlike other beaches, Long Hai beach is not turquoise, but also has a unique sea feature.


The atmosphere at this beach is very cheerful and bustling, the golden beach is a very beautiful check point for visitors. The address with many beaches is assessed as the most beautiful, this is the section on Vo Thi Sau street near the location of Dinh Co.


Monkey Temple

Monkey Pagoda is located at the foot of Ky Van mountain, completely covered by trees, the air is pleasant and comfortable, and the highlight is the living address of many monkeys.

Monkey Pagoda still exists in a guest name that is Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery, which is one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations. This is the address where you pray for the good and let yourself be with the lovely monkeys

Address: DT 44A - Phuoc Hai commune - Dat Do district


Fishing village

Many people know the sea, so when traveling to Long Hai, everyone must have missed the fishing village. To be able to see and feel the bustle of the fishing village, you need to get up early.

This is an excellent choice destination that speaks to the daily life of the residents here so that you can interact and learn and read more about the traditional traditional culture of the nation.



Dinh Co Temple

Dinh Co Temple is located right in the center of Huong Bien beach, Hang Duong, this temple is quite large when it comes to Long Hai tourism. Every year on the 10th to 12th of the second lunar month, the fishermen here often hold a festival to worship the Co to pray for a peaceful year.

At this time, many pilgrims come to visit the historical site of Tomb of Co, right on Co Son hill. Right at the foot of Dinh Co Temple, there is still a large beach that attracts many tourists to come here for entertainment and check-in.


Freshwater Pass

With Long Hai travel experience, to get to the freshwater boat, visitors have to go through a very difficult and dangerous road. This is a suitable choice destination for those who love to travel and like adventure is very suitable.

The freshwater pass is located right between the cliffs of Minh Dam and the coast of Phuoc Hai. Usually we will all choose it as the address to take very beautiful wedding pictures and also the rendezvous of groups of friends after stressful working hours.


Ho Tram Tourism

The most characteristic in Long Hai tourism is Ho Tram beach, one of the unique features of this address. Ho Tram Beach is located in the middle of Long Hai and Binh Thuan seas, about 50km from the center of Vung Tau.

In this area, you will feel that many 4-5 star resorts are invested in because the surrounding scenery here is very romantic and lyrical.


Binh Chau Hot Springs

Located about 20km from Ho Tram, you go straight along the sea road to Binh Chau hot mineral spring. This is a very unique hot spring bathing spot because it is located right in the middle of the primeval forest.

This issue has made visitors feel that they are completely mixed with nature here. Not only that, bathing in the stream here is also very comfortable and pleasant, giving each person a feeling of gentle relaxation.


Ho Coc Beach

From Ho Tram, you go straight down 10km and you will see Ho Coc beach. It is a beach about 50m long, the most special thing is that it surrounds the coast covered with noble nature, one side is a forest and the other side is a row of green poplars.

Giving visitors a strange and unique view of such strangely beautiful long sea tourism.


Long Dien Salt Field

Long Dien salt field is the hottest check-in point in Long Hai tourism. This address attracts visitors by the beauty of the population and the sunlight.

When visiting here, visitors can exchange and learn, learn more about the arduous process of creating white salt grains. That characteristic is the chosen destination that all of us students choose as the harvest point for the final semester to report and explain.



What to eat in Long Hai?

Each address has its own culinary beauty that speaks to the beauty of national communication, and it is the same in Long Hai. The culinary scene here also always exists a lot of new and unique things and highlights the following dishes that you must try when traveling to Long Hai:



Pancakes are widely available in countless regions, each address has its own delicious spot and so is Long Hai pancake. The raw materials for processing that dish are all fresh foods caught and processed by the people.

The fresh yellow pancakes, crispy and prominently filled with seafood, eat very well, add a little sweet and sour dipping sauce.


Water Lily Hot Pot

The most famous dish in Long Hai is water lily hot pot, a name that sounds strange. This is a famous specialty dish that has been present for a long time in this sea.

The method of preparing that dish is also very prominent, each individual has a separate cooking method but still brings a strange and unique feeling. If you go to Long Hai and don't seem to eat this dish, you have missed the important thing.


Fresh seafood

In addition to the above special dishes, in Long Hai, many people know about fresh seafood with very cheap value.

If you are someone who has a knack for eating seafood, you can always move to fishing villages, visit boats to choose for yourself fresh and delicious dishes. Nature has to go at 5-6 am to make it on time.


Some of the famous eateries in Long Hai:

O Gai Seafood

Address: Provincial Road 44 – Long Hai Town

Coconut Tree Shop
Address: Right near the freshwater pass

The stork of Ben market
Address: Crossroads of Ben market - An Thanh Hamlet - An Ngai

Commune - Long Dien - Long Hai

Long Hai pancakes
Address: Road No. 6 – Long Hai Town


Long Hai travel experience should choose what to buy as a gift?

When you are enjoying the lovely features of Long Hai, suddenly don't forget to choose to buy something to bring a special meaningful gift set with your best friend, don't forget the following special gifts:


Tri Hai fish sauce

Many people know in Vung Tau tourism that Tri Hai fish sauce is one of the most popular dishes used by many people. Because the taste of this fish sauce is very special, it gives people a strange and unique feeling.

However, when you buy fish sauce as a gift, you need to have checked baggage to bring it.


Bang Nut Jam

When you hear the name, you already realize it's strange, right? Bang nut jam is processed very elaborately and through many processes. When eating, the eater will feel the fragrant aroma of the hat.

There are two types of this: salted roasted almonds or unseasoned roasted almonds, you can always choose to buy them as gifts without fear of spoiling quickly.


Dried seafood

As a sea tourism, seafood must have been exhausted. To meet the needs of visitors, delicious seafood is carefully selected and dried in the sun.

Some of the leftovers are pre-marinated and not then packed and protected. If you choose to buy as a gift, there is nothing better than one of the well-known dried seafood such as: squid with a sun, pineapple fish with a sun, mackerel with a sun, ...

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Long Hai travel experience 1 day tour?

6am: Depart for Long Hai
7:30 am: Eat breakfast – Rest
9h00: Go to Long Hai, initially visit Minh Dam mountain - Dinh Co Temple - Thuy Duong coast
11:30: Have lunch – rest
13h00: Visit to enjoy seafood
15h00: Depart for Saigon, end Long Hai self-sufficient 1 day tour



Long Hai travel experience 2 days 1 night tour?

Day 1: Saigon – Long Hai

6:00: Depart for Long Hai
8:00am: Have breakfast – rest
9:00: Arrive in Long Hai – visit Minh Dam mountain – visit Dinh Co temple
11:30: Have lunch – return to the resort hotel
16h00: Visit Long Hai to eat seafood and learn at night
21:00: End of 1 day

Day 2: Long Hai – Saigon

5:00: Wake up early to visit the Fishing Village
7:00: Return to the hotel for breakfast
9h00: Go shopping in Long Hai
12h00: Check out hotel to have lunch
13h00: Return to Saigon to end the self-sufficient Long Hai tour 2 days 1 night



Long Hai travel experience to pay attention to what?

In order for your family's trip to Long Hai to be complete, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • When going to the beach in Long Hai, you should choose a reliable and trustworthy beach, avoid those with reefs because it is very unsafe.
  • Should go to the seafood market in the morning
  • Bring mosquito repellent, climbing gear
  • If riding a motorbike, check the quality of the vehicle to ensure reliable and reliable safety
  • If you still want to plug it in, you have to apply and follow the procedures of the civil defense ministry.

With the self-sufficient Long Hai travel experiences that I share above, I hope to bring us all a comfortable and pleasant excited vacation. The above tips will bring us all closer and more brilliant to Long Hai tourism. We wish you all a happy and fulfilling trip.

See you in the next trip.

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