All Thing you need to know before travelling to Long An

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Traveling to Long An, you will experience the beautiful and peaceful scenery of the west of the river. At the same time, in Long An, there are also many delicious dishes to enjoy!

The land of Long An offers peaceful beauty with fragrant lotus fields, mysterious and cool forest roads... At the same time, Long An also has many destinations for us to freely explore and experience.

So if you are also eager to come to Long An, let's refer to the sharing of Long An travel experiences through the article All Thing you need to know before travelling to Long An below to get the trip you want!


Where is Long An located in which region?

According to the tourist map of Long An, this is a province in the Mekong Delta region and also the connecting place between the Southeast and the Southwest.

Long An owns a system of rivers and canals with many ravishing landscapes. In addition, the weather in Long An is also very mild for you to enjoy and explore in this land!



Which season is the most beautiful to travel to Long An?

If you travel to Long An on your own, to have a happy trip you should learn about the weather in these five places. According to the sharing, our Long An will be located in the humid monsoon tropics, so it has the typical climate of the Mekong Delta region.

Long An will have an average annual temperature of 27 to 28 degrees and the dry season here takes place from November to April next year and the rainy season will take place from May to October every year.

Therefore, the experience for you is that you should travel around April of the lunar calendar every year.

Because at this time, the weather in Long An is considered to be very cool and pleasant, so it is convenient for visitors to have fun and explore. In addition, this time in Long An also has many special festivals.



How to move to Long An?

If you go from HCMC:

– Vehicles going from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An are mainly passenger cars at the Western bus station or at the garages on Le Hong Phong street. When you come here, there will be many different garages for you to choose from.

– Because it borders with Saigon and is only 50km from the center of Saigon, you can travel to Long An by motorbike or private car. You will be fully active during the trip, but you also need to pay attention to buy enough backpacking equipment and make sure to comply with traffic safety laws.

– In addition, from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An, there are also many intercity bus routes for you to choose from such as: Route 80: Ben Luc - Cho Lon, Route 628: Tan An - Cho Lon, Route 623: Hau Nghia - Cu Chi, Route 629: Cho Floating – District 8 (HCMC)… Depending on the departure and destination, you choose the appropriate bus route.

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If you move from Hanoi:

– You take a plane from Hanoi to Tan Son Nhat with Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and Jetstar. From here you can take the bus to the Western bus station, Cho Lon bus station to catch a bus / coach to Long An.

– You take a bus from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City with garages such as Hoang Long, Mai Linh… And similarly from here you take a bus or a bus to go to Long An.

– If you have a lot of time and conditions, you can also travel to Long An by personal means such as cars or motorbikes. But you need to prepare all the necessary backpacking equipment to have the trip as you want.


Where should Long An tourism stay? Choose a hotel, motel or homestay?

If you do not go on a tour to Long An, so you still do not know where to stop when traveling to Long An, you can choose the following hotels and motels:

Long An Tourism Union Hotel is located at 49 Nguyen Thai Binh, Tan An. This is a spacious, comfortable hotel with beautiful views with many necessary amenities, dedicated and attentive service. You can contact the following phone number to make a reservation 072 3821779.


Huynh Thao Hotel at 80 Hung Vuong, Ward 2, Tan An. This is also the hotel chosen by many tourists in Long An. The hotel is highly appreciated for the system of rooms, facilities and dedicated service. Please contact the following phone number to make a reservation 072 3 835 867.

Phuong Nga Hotel at 119 Hung Vuong, Ward 2, Tan An. The hotel has full facilities and beautiful view, convenient location in traveling to explore this place. To make a reservation, please contact the following phone number 072 3522139.

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What will you see and do while traveling to Long An?

The most famous and beautiful tourist destinations in Long An should go

According to the Long An travel guide, this place has many different beautiful landscapes and places for you to comfortably experience travel such as:

1. Thien Phuoc Long An Temple

One of the tourist attractions in Long An that is highly appreciated by many tourists is Thien Phuoc Pagoda. This is a house with leaves in the middle of a vast field with overgrown grass.

But this is a temple that is highly appreciated for its spirituality and the hearts of the monks and nuns who loved the country and the people, so the people very respectfully worshiped and worshiped the temple.


2. Can Giuoc Long An

Speaking of tourist destinations in Long An, do not forget to come to Can Giuoc. This place is located at the downstream of Vam Co River and attracts many tourists to come here to explore.

Especially in Can Giuoc, there are many attractive delicacies are highly appreciated by visitors for the characteristics that it brings.


3. Dat Mountain Long An

When traveling to Long An, do not forget to miss Nui Dat. This is a huge rockery and emerges in the middle of a calm, dreamy blue lake.

The mountain area is also divided into 3 small islands and on the small island there will be a mountain up to 10m high with a small mountain of 5m and many rocks covered with moss over time.


4. Phuoc Loc Ancient Village Tho Long An

One of the next Long An tourist destinations that you should go to is the ancient village of Phuoc Loc Tho. This ancient village in Duc Hoa is the contiguous place from the Southeast to the Southwest.

This place has its own unique character. At the same time, the landscape here is also very beautiful and peaceful with the poetic Vam Co Dong river that has entered our folk poetry from time immemorial.


5. Lang Sen Long An Wetland Reserve

This is also a great tourist destination in Long An that you should not miss. This Lang Sen area belongs to the lowland area of ​​Dong Thap Muoi and possesses a very diverse ecosystem. There are many species of plants, wild animals and many species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.



6. Binh Hiep Long An Border Gate

Traveling to Long An, do not forget to come to Binh Hiep border gate in Moc Hoa. This place is the center of service exchange, trade and tourism with Cambodia as well as other countries in ASEAN.


7. Historical crossroads Duc Hoa Long An

The tourist attractions in Long An that you should also visit when coming to Long An are the historical Duc Hoa crossroads. This place is considered as the headquarters and the place where the operations and bombardment of the enemy base of our revolution took place.


8. Tan Lap Long An Floating Village

Talking about new tourist attractions in Long An, Tan Lap floating village is loved and chosen by many young people. This place is considered quite quiet but the scenery is extremely beautiful. Especially, this place also has an overnight campsite for guests with a lyrical and poetic landscape.


9. Dong Thap Muoi Long An Ecotourism Area

Coming to Long An, we should not ignore Dong Thap Muoi. Especially coming here from August to November every year, you will admire the beautiful lotus in full bloom.

Surely you will get many sparkling photos when traveling to the lotus lagoon. And do not forget to enjoy the specialties of the lotus village such as lotus fried rice, braised perch or grilled snakehead fish...


10. Cat Tuong Phu Sinh Tan An Residential Park

Finally, when traveling to Long An, you should also visit Cat Tuong Phu Sinh residential area to check in.

In the park there will be many beautiful famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Tower Bridge of London… Guaranteed that you will be traveling around the world just in this park.



What to eat and where to eat on the Long An tour? Suggest some eateries, restaurants in Long An

According to self-sufficient Long An travel experience information, this place has many attractive dishes for you to enjoy the experience such as:


1. Long An fish sauce hot pot

This is a rustic rural dish but makes many diners fascinated and craving when it comes to it. Mam hot pot is made from special fish sauce of the region plus many vegetables bearing the characteristics of the West of the river.

Coming to the Sake sauce hotpot restaurant on Nguyen Thanh Can Street, Ward 2, Tan An City, you will be able to eat this dish.


2. Banh Chung Long An

It is also a delicious dish that you should not miss when traveling to Long An. Banh chung here is made from fatty meat, glutinous rice and green beans.

But the glutinous rice cake is wrapped with extra fried coconut and sugar to bring a very special flavor. Coming to Banh Tet hamlet in Quarter 2, Duc Hoa town, Duc Hoa district, you will enjoy it comfortably.



3. Long An fish sour soup

Traveling to Long An, don't forget to ignore the sour fish soup. This soup will be cooked with young tamarind leaves or cotton so chopsticks. Especially with the fragrant fatty fish that will make you fall in love. Family restaurants in Tan An City all sell sour fish soup.



4. Grilled snakehead fish in Long An

Coming to Long An, you should also eat grilled snakehead fish. This dish brings the sweet aroma and the typical fatty taste of the western part of the river. Coming to Sen Village, you will be able to eat this dish.



5. Long An heifer

Traveling to Long An, do not forget to enjoy heifers here. Heifer is processed into many attractive dishes such as rare, steamed, grilled… Coming to Cobo House Bo To Food Street at 26 Main Inter-Area Street, Tan An Ward, you will be able to eat this dish.

Entertainment spots should try when traveling to Long An on your own

When traveling to Long An cheaply and you want to learn about entertainment spots, here are some suggestions that you should not ignore:

Little House Cafe is located at 273-275 National Highway 1A, Ben Luc. The shop has a vintage design and is also very cute, good drinks, attentive service.

Nob to go located on Bui Chi Nhuan Street, Tan An City is also the next interesting entertainment destination that you should not miss when traveling to Long An. There are many varieties hot water and very nice space to help you comfortably take selfies.

Karaoke bar is located at 241 Hung Vuong, Ward 3 Tan An. It has a luxurious and modern space. The sound quality is highly appreciated and the service is very dedicated.

Ruby Hau Nghia Karaoke shop located on Nguyen Thi Hanh Street, Go Cao Hamlet, Duc Hoa is also the next entertainment place for you. Here, the space is very spacious, vibrant, fully equipped, promising to bring you interesting experiences when playing.



What to buy when going on a trip to Long An? Long An specialties should try?

If you travel to Long An for 3 days and 2 nights and do not know what to buy as a gift, let us suggest:

– Go Den is a famous wine from the French colonial period, this wine is very rich and attractive. Come to Go Den wine village in Go Den town, Phuoc Loi commune, Ben Luc district to buy it.

– Can Giuoc fish sauce is also an attractive dish that you cannot ignore when traveling to Long An. Go to Hoa Thuan 1 hamlet, Truong Binh commune, Can Giuoc district to buy fish sauce.

Duc Hoa peanuts are also famous specialties to buy for friends and relatives when coming to Long An. Coming to Duc Hoa district in the residential areas you will be able to buy.

Fragrant rice is also a specialty that many people choose as a gift for their loved ones. Although tightly wrapped in plastic bags and left for 4 or 5 months, the rice bags are always fragrant. Dao market in My Le commune, Can Duoc district will sell this type of rice.

So the information shared in our article has helped you gain more interesting knowledge about traveling to Long An. Hope you will have a great experience here!

See you in the next trip.

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