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Tra Vinh ovreview.


Tra Vinh is a province located in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. It is known for its diverse cultural heritage, with a significant population of Khmer people, giving the province a unique blend of Vietnamese and Khmer traditions.

Here are some location details about Tra Vinh:

Geographical Location: Tra Vinh is situated in the southeastern part of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. It is bordered by the following provinces:

Vinh Long (to the North).
Soc Trang (to the South).
Ben Tre (to the East).
Hau Giang (to the West).

Capital City: The capital city of Tra Vinh province is also named Tra Vinh.

Climate: Like most of the Mekong Delta, Tra Vinh experiences a tropical climate with two distinct seasons:

Dry season: Lasts from November to April, with lower rainfall and higher temperatures.

Rainy season: Occurs from May to October, characterized by higher humidity and frequent rain showers.

Population: Tra Vinh province is home to a diverse population, including ethnic Vietnamese and a significant number of Khmer people, as well as other ethnic minorities.

Economy: The economy of Tra Vinh is primarily based on agriculture, with rice, coconut, sugarcane, and aquaculture being the main products. The province is also known for its traditional handicrafts and the production of traditional Khmer textiles.



The acient pagoda of the Khmer people in Tra Vinh Vietnam.


Tourist attractions: Tra Vinh offers several cultural and historical attractions, including Khmer pagodas, traditional houses, and vibrant markets. Some popular places to visit in Tra Vinh include the Ang Pagoda, Ba Om Pond, and the Hang Pagoda.


1. How to getting from Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh?

1.1. How long distance from Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh?


The distance from HCMc to Tra Vinh 2hrs 25 minutes (125,4 km) through Express way of  ĐCT Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh - Trung Lương/ĐCT01 & QL60.

The travel time of taxi Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh may vary depending on the mode of transportation and the route taken, through the Trung Luong Express road - Ben Tre bridge and Tra Vinh.


Keep in mind that travel times can be affected by factors such as traffic conditions, road quality, and weather. If you are planning to make this journey, it's a good idea to check for the most up-to-date information on routes and transportation options before starting your trip.


As for specific transportation options, you can find various private transfer services that operate between HCMc - My Tho ( Tieng Giang Province) - Ben Tre province, offering a relatively affordable and convenient way to travel.

Alternatively, you can also consider hiring a private car from Ho Chi Minh City to Tra Vinh, which could significantly reduce travel time.

2 Which is the best ways to get to Tra Vinh from HCMc?


2.1 By taxi 


The private taxi Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh would provide the convenience of traveling directly from HCMc to Tra Vinh without the need for multiple transfers or stops along the way.

Comfort and convenience: Taxis generally offer a comfortable and private mode of transportation, allowing you to relax during the journey.

Flexibility: With a taxi, you may have more flexibility in choosing the departure time and making stops along the way if needed.



2.2 By private transfer.


Private car transfer Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh offer the convenience of a direct, comfortable, and personalized journey from one destination to another. Here are some potential advantages of opting for a private car transfer:

Sales Vietnam_Budget_Car_Rental_phone__1+84988038301 whatsapp   Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-phone-Viber 

Price for private transfer HCMc - Tra Vinh.

Journey  Type of vehicle  Km/hrs  Price in US
HCMc- Tra Vinh 4-7-16 5hrs00 $79-$85$149


With a private car transfer, you can travel directly from Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh with making stops along the way, providing a seamless journey.

Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh by private car allow for more flexibility in terms of departure time and route. You can plan the trip according to your schedule and preferences.

Comfort and privacy: Traveling in a private car ensures a more comfortable and private experience compared to public transportation options.

Scenic drive: The drive from Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh can be quite scenic, passing through the Mekong Delta region and providing the opportunity to witness the countryside landscapes.

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2.3 By Bus 


The bus journey from Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh  usually takes around 6 to 8 hours, depending on the specific route, traffic conditions, and stops along the way.

Comfort: Buses in Vietnam vary in terms of comfort, with some offering air-conditioning, reclining seats, and basic amenities, while others may have more limited facilities.

Top 5 bus brands from HCMc to Tra Vinh. 

1. Kim Hoàng Bus 


Phone: 0283 924 2424 – 02943 676 676

Pick up: Mien Tay bus station

Add : 395 Đ. Kinh Dương Vương, An Lạc, Bình Tân distric, Ho Chi Minh city,
Hotline: 1900 7373
Link maps:

Drop off : Tra Vinh city 
Departure time: 5h AM – 12h30 M

Bus ticket: 130.000vnđ/ ticket/per person.


2.Tân Thanh Thủy bus


Phone: 0283 924 25 26 – 0283 923 23 77

Pick up: Mien Tay bus station

Add : 395 Đ. Kinh Dương Vương, An Lạc, Bình Tân distric, Ho Chi Minh city,
Hotline: 1900 7373
Link maps:

Drop off : Tra Vinh city 
Departure time: 7h AM – 13h30 M

Bus ticket: 140.000vnđ/ ticket/per person.


3. Định An bus


Phone: 0918 188 044

Pick up: Mien Tay bus station

Add : 395 Đ. Kinh Dương Vương, An Lạc, Bình Tân distric, Ho Chi Minh city,
Hotline: 1900 7373
Link maps:

Drop off : Tra Vinh city 
Departure time: 6h AM – 14h30 M

Bus ticket: 120.000vnđ/ ticket/per person.


4.Phương Trang bus



Phuong Trang Futa Bus HCMc to Tra Vinh.

Phone: 1900 6067

Pick up: Mien Tay bus station

Add : 395 Đ. Kinh Dương Vương, An Lạc, Bình Tân distric, Ho Chi Minh city,
Hotline: 1900 7373
Link maps:

Drop off : Tra Vinh city 
Departure time: 5h AM – 13h00 M

Bus ticket: 140.000vnđ/ ticket/per person.


5.Mien Tay Bus station 

Phone: 0283 875 28 78

Pick up: Mien Tay bus station

Add : 395 Đ. Kinh Dương Vương, An Lạc, Bình Tân distric, Ho Chi Minh city,
Hotline: 1900 7373
Link maps:

Drop off : Tra Vinh city 
Departure time: 5h AM – 15h30 M

Bus ticket: 100.000vnđ/ ticket/per person.


2.4 By self car rental 



Self car rental HCMc to Tra Vinh.


Car rental prices can vary based on several factors, including the type of car, rental duration, the company you choose, and any additional services or insurance you may opt for.

To find the most accurate and up-to-date pricing for self car rental from Ho Chi Minh City to Tra Vinh, I recommend doing the following:

See more:

Driver's License: Ensure you have a valid driver's license that is accepted in the  Vietnam. We may require an international driver's permit (IDP) in addition to your regular driver's license.

Age requirements: Check the minimum age requirements for renting a car in Vietnam will be 21 ages.

Insurance: Understand the rental car insurance coverage offered by the agency. Basic insurance is usually included, but you may have the option to purchase additional coverage for more comprehensive protection.

Vehicle selection: Choose a car suitable for your needs and the size of your travel group. Consider factors like fuel efficiency, space, and the type of terrain you'll be driving on.


2.5 By Motorcycle 


Traveling from Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh by motorcycle with any road trip, make sure to check the weather conditions and road closures beforehand.

Additionally, always wear appropriate safety gear while riding a motorcycle, and take regular breaks during the journey. It's a good idea to carry a map or use a navigation app on your phone to stay on the correct route.




Motorcycle tour in Mekong delta Vietnam.


The distance from Ho Chi Minh to Tra Vinh  is approximately 125 kilometers, and the journey may take around 2h30 minutes, depending on your speed and stops along the way.

Here's a suggested route:

Start in Ho Chi Minh City: Begin your journey in the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon.

Head south: From Ho Chi Minh City, travel south towards the Mekong Delta region.

Take National Road 1A: Follow National Road 1A, which is the main highway connecting Ho Chi Minh City to various destinations in the south.

Pass through Ben Tre: As you continue on National Road 1A, you'll pass through the province of Ben Tre. This area is famous for its coconut trees and scenic landscapes.

Cross the Rach Mieu Bridge: After Ben Tre, you'll reach the Rach Mieu Bridge, which spans the Tien River. This bridge connects Tien Giang Province to Ben Tre Province.

Continue on Provincial Road 869: Once you cross the Rach Mieu Bridge, you'll be on Provincial Road 869.

Arrive in Tra Vinh: Follow Provincial Road 869 until you reach Tra Vinh. The journey takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.


What should you do for Tra Vinh a day tour?


Tra Vinh is a province in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, known for its rich Khmer cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. While it might not be as heavily touristy as some other destinations in Vietnam,

Tra Vinh is a unique and authentic experience for travelers interested in exploring off-the-beaten-path locations. Here's a suggested day tour itinerary for Tra Vinh:

Tra Vinh Day Tour Itinerary:

8h00 am. Morning: Explore Tra Vinh City

Start your day by exploring Tra Vinh City and its bustling local markets. Observe the daily life of the locals and sample some local breakfast dishes if you have a chance.

Visit Hang Pagoda (Chùa Hàng), a beautiful Khmer-style Buddhist temple with intricate architecture and peaceful surroundings.
Next, head to Ong Met Pagoda (Chùa Ông Mệt), another significant pagoda in Tra Vinh, known for its unique design and serene atmosphere.



The Ok Om Bok festival of the Khmer people in Tra Vinh Vietnam.

Late Morning: Visit Khmer Cultural Village

Tra Vinh is home to a significant Khmer community, and a visit to a Khmer cultural village will give you insight into their traditions, customs, and daily life. You can learn about their traditional crafts, music, and dance.

12h00. Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local eatery, trying out some of Tra Vinh's specialties like "bánh xèo" (Vietnamese savory pancakes) and fresh seafood dishes.

Afternoon: Ba Om Pond and Xa Xia Bird Sanctuary

13h00. Visit Ba Om Pond (Ao Ba Om), a popular spot for locals to relax and enjoy the serene environment. You can take a boat ride or simply take in the beautiful surroundings.



Ba Om Pond Tra Vinh.

If you're interested in birdwatching, consider a visit to Xa Xia Bird Sanctuary, where you can observe various bird species in their natural habitat.

Late Afternoon: Tra Vinh Museum

Head to Tra Vinh Museum to learn about the history and culture of the region. The museum showcases artifacts, exhibits, and information about Tra Vinh's heritage.

17h00. Evening: Rural Surroundings and Sunset

Take a drive or bike ride through the rural countryside surrounding Tra Vinh. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes, rice fields, and traditional villages.

This is an excellent opportunity to interact with friendly locals and witness their traditional way of life.
If possible, find a serene spot to enjoy the sunset over the Mekong Delta – a perfect way to end your day tour.


Our car fleets information:


Sedan 4 seat.

Sedan or Vios :  Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fleet-cars-1 3 people & Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-suitcase 3 luggages + handbags.


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Mini van 16 seat
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(Mercedes Spinter, Huyndai Solati).


*Please, book and confirm the self car service with us in advance because we may require for the payment deposit contracted.

5-Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-ImagesService includes: English speaking driver, all of fuel and driver expenses, parking and airport fee, water, tissue.

5-Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-ImagesService excludes: Entrance fee, tour guide, meals, accommodation, and other services not clearly mentioned.



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