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Sapa and Mu Cang Chai are two northern mountainous tourist destinations that are loved by many tourists, especially young people who love to explore and want to have a memorable trip of their youth.

The distance from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai will be 3hrs 27minutes for 137 km via the QL14D & QL 32

Trip information as below:

Pick up at Sapa – drop off at Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai

Estimated Km: 137Km ~ 147km

Duration of riding taxi Sapa to Mu Cang Chai is 3 hours 27 minutes (147.0 km) via the via the QL14D & QL 32.

Time as your required.

Sapa and Mu Cang Chai have different beauties that make many people want to visit both these destinations at the same time.

Before deciding if it is possible to visit these two tourist destinations in a period of time or not and by what means, let's find out the way from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai with Hanoi car rental with driver service

How far dose it from Sapa transfer to Mu Cang Chai?
Sapa is a town located at an altitude of 1650m above sea level in Sapa district, Lao Cai province - Northwest, about 317km by road from Hanoi center.


Sapa is an attractive destination for many domestic and foreign tourists with impressive terrain and nature. Due to its special location.

Sapa is cool all year round with the temperature about 10 degrees Celsius lower than the provinces in the Northern Delta. The highlight of Sapa cannot fail to mention Fansipan peak located in this town..

Fansipan is the highest mountain in the three Indochina countries in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

In the past, conquering Fansipan peak was the dream of many adventurers and climbers, but today tourists can easily admire the northwest landscape from Fansipan peak thanks to a modern cable car system that takes visitors from the foot of the mountain. up to the top of Fansipan.

Not only has majestic nature, but Sapa is also an attractive destination to discover culture and people because Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities. Ethnic groups in Sapa live mainly by farming and gathering in villages.

Traveling to Sapa, experiencing a trip to discover community culture, visit villages and enjoy Northwest specialties is an indispensable activity for tourists.


Private car cost from Ninh Binh to Mu Cang Chai from 289$USD.

Private taxi cost transfer Hanoi to Mu Cang Chai from 239$USD - check out here.

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Journey - Rates USD Duration Type of car Price in USD
Sapa to Mu Cang Chai 3hrs27 4-7-16 109-119-299
Hanoi airport to Sapa 7hrs29 4-7-16 199-215-389

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Sedan 4 seat.

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SUV 7 seat 

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Mini van 16 seat
Minivan : Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fleet-cars-112 people &Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-suitcase16 luggages + handbags


(Mercedes Spinter, Huyndai Solati).

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What should you visit Sapa from Hanoi?

Coming to Sapa - Lao Cai, you will have the opportunity to visit many attractive tourist attractions such as Fansipan Peak, Rong May - O Quy Ho tourist area, Cat Cat village, Old Stone Church, Silver waterfall, Ham Rong mountain, Ta Phin village, Lao Chai village, Ta Van village, Sapa love market, Sapa night market, Muong Hoa valley, Love waterfall, Sapa ancient rock

Mu Cang Chai is a mountainous district in Yen Bai province - Northwest, about 308km from Hanoi city center. Mu Cang Chai is famous for its beautiful terraced fields like the stairs to heaven, and the winding passes that challenge the bravery of the riders.

Mu Cang Chai is located at an altitude of 1000m above sea level, to get here visitors will have to go through dangerous passes.

However, having set foot in this land, looking at the majestic and dreamy natural scenery, you will feel that the journey here is completely worth it!

Recommend for car transfer Ban Gioc to Ba Be national park.

Traveling to Yen Bai, you also have the opportunity to experience the culture, learn the customs and habits of the ethnic people living here.

Mu Cang Chai with its pristine beauty and not too crowded like Sapa is suitable for those who like a trip to discover new lands and experience the time to enjoy the peaceful space and nature in this place.


Coming to Mu Cang Chai, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the most famous destinations of this mountainous land of the North, which are: Khau Pa pass, Mam Xoi hill, Tien Nu cave...

These are all districts in the Northwest - Northern mountainous region. Lao Cai and Yen Bai are two neighboring provinces, so the distance from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai is not too far!

How to ge to Mu Cang Chai from Sapa?

From Sapa to Mu Cang Chai by road is about 159km. However, the road from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai is a mountain pass, so it will take you about 4 to 4 and a half hours to travel by bus or motorbike to one of these two tourist destinations from the other. .

You can come to Sapa first because Sapa has more tourist attractions for you to explore, then move to Mu Cang Chai and back home from Mu Cang Chai.

You can also choose the opposite direction, which is to Mu Cang Chai first, then move to Sapa and return from Sapa, but this schedule takes more time to travel, so there are not many tourists. Choose this option!

Currently, there is no bus route from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai, but if you want to travel by private car with a driver, you must book tours of travel agencies.

If you do not want to go on a tour, you will have to travel by private transfer to Mu Cang Chai or motorbike!

If you travel by motorbike, you have to be even more careful because the road from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai is mostly hilly and winding, so make sure to be a hard and experienced driver. Move through dangerous hilly roads.

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Transport from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai by private car.

From the center of Sapa town, you move to Dien Bien Phu street, go along Highway 14D through the famous Silver Waterfall tourist area. You can come here to visit this beautiful waterfall of the Northwest and then continue the journey to Mu Cang Chai.

Continuing to follow the National Highway 4D, you will pass the border marker between Lao Cai and Lai Chau. Going about 400m from the border between the two provinces, you will pass the famous O Quy Ho pass.

O Quy Ho is one of the four great peaks of the Northwest Pass. Recently at O ​​Quy Ho pass, Rong May tourist area has just opened, which stands out for its glass bridge located at an altitude of 2200m above sea level and other resorts,restaurants, cafes have a very beautiful view that you can visit to explore or challenge your bravery.


Through the O Quy Ho pass, you continue to follow Highway 14D through valleys with dreamy and majestic terraced fields by the roadside.

It feels great because conquering the dangerous roads but the unforgettable impressive scenery will definitely be the highlight and beautiful memories in the trip from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai.

How to book a private car transfer Sapa to Mu Cang Chai?

If you need a car + driver for a ride from Mu Cang Chai to Sapa. All you need to do is contact us via email/ phone or fill the booking form at the end of the page.

Our sales team will get you back soonest. Book now, pay a bit for deposit required. The day before departure, we send you the driver's information including: his car number, name, phone number.

Taxi car transfers Sapa to Mu Cang Chai is the most reliable service you can get. Please contact us now for private car rental to Mu Cang Chai from Sapa.

Journey - Rates USD Duration Type of car Price in USD
Sapa to Mu Cang Chai 3hrs30 4-7-16 109-119-289

* These prices at the moment and not being applied for a fuel cost increased 10% or during the holiday period.

5-Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-ImagesService includes: An English-speaking driver, all of fuel and driver expenses, parking and airport fee, water, tissue.

5-Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-ImagesService excludes: Entrance fee, tour guide, meals, accommodation, and other services not clearly mentioned.

*An English speaking driver means our driver may communicate basic English at all as says hello, time to pick up and return, tell him to drive you to any tourist attractions, spots & restaurant on the tour as our driver is not a local tour guide and his English speaking is not perfect as the professional tour guide.

A professional English speaking tour guide will be 25 USD per day.

If this itinerary does not match your wishes, please send us an email with your request.


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