Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau - Your Ultimate Travel Guide

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All You Need To Know Before You Go To Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau

Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau possesses a charming beauty that leaves a lasting impression on visitors upon their first glimpse. The place enjoys a pleasant climate with warm sunshine and cool sea breezes throughout the year, making it a favored destination for relaxation and exploration, especially given its proximity to Saigon. Would you like to visit this coastal area right away? If so, let's explore some essential travel tips for Long Hai Beach with Vietnam Budget Car Rental!

An Introduction to Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau

Long Hai Beach is in Long Hai town, which is in the Long Dien district of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. It is a famous beach in Vietnam that draws a lot of tourists. It's only 25 km from Vung Tau, another popular tourist city. Long Hai Beach is just as famous as the central beaches, even though it is closer.

Long Hai Beach has a shoreline that is about 3 km long and is full of naturally formed rocks with interesting shapes. Many kinds of sea creatures live near the beach. With each wave, new ones come in, like rock crabs, sea snails, and shrimp. At this location, tourists can enjoy the fun activity of catching rock crabs on days when the weather is stable.

Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau

When is the best time to visit Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau?

People can go to Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau at any time of the year because the waves are very calm and the water is clean. If you're planning to travel in July or August, though, you might want to check the weather report to make sure you don't run into sudden rain.

Travellers have said that October and November are the best months to go. The weather is cool and the sea is calm at this time, so it's a great time for many water sports.

How do you get to Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau?

1. Getting to Long Hai Beach by private car

The distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau is not far, so many tourists often choose to rent a private car from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau because they can have many unforgettable experiences during the journey and upon reaching their destination.

If you are traveling with friends or family, this is the best choice. Sitting comfortably in the car, you can chat freely during the journey, stop at any time to admire the scenery, and not only that, the driver also knows a lot and will point out many interesting places beyond Long Hai Beach.

 Getting to Long Hai Beach by private car

2. Getting to Long Hai Beach by bike

Many people think that travelling by motorbike is the most fun way to get around. You can set your own schedule when you use this way of transportation. You can easily take a short break by the side of the road if you're tired. Take advantage of the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime by taking pictures along the way. Rest assured that the trip to Long Hai Beach will take you through some incredibly beautiful scenery that you shouldn't miss.

3. Getting to Long Beach by bus

For those who don't have a bike, you can also take a passenger car. To get there quickly, buy your tickets right away at the Eastern Bus Station. There are many types of transportation at the bus stop, such as buses and coaches, so you can pick the one that works best for you.

There are a lot of ways to get to Long Hai Beach - Vung Tau right now. There are plenty of tickets and places, so don't worry. Every 30 minutes, a bus leaves. Each day, these lines run from 4 am to 7:30 pm, which is pretty early.

Top things to do at Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau

1. Witnessing Sunrise and Sunset at Long Hai Beach

Witnessing Sunrise and Sunset at Long Hai Beach

At least once, try to get up early to see the beautiful sunrise over Long Hai Beach. I love taking a walk on the beach in the morning and smelling the fresh air. At night, tourists can watch the sunset while fishing boats come back to the harbour in the background. 

The fishing boats' nets and flags flap in the wind, making for a beautiful scene. You might get a good picture of the crab and lobster boats coming back to land if you're lucky. In the evening, the beach is a very romantic and beautiful place to be.

2. Swimming at Long Hai Beach

Swimming at Long Hai Beach

When you go to Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau, you are free to swim and enjoy the cool water. Enjoy the air from the ocean, which smells like the salty ocean. Long Hai's wide, grassy beach is also a great place to lay down and take it easy by the water. Taking a walk along the beach and enjoying the beautiful view will make you feel refreshed and forget about how tired you are from the day.

3. Sunbathing

This activity is for those who love tranquility. With just a beach umbrella, a lounge chair, and a cold drink, you can lie down to enjoy the morning sun, which is incredibly beneficial for your health.

4. Capture Insta-worthy Shots

Capture Insta-worthy Shots

The natural scenery at Long Hai Beach looks like a beautiful picture. Young people love to hang out at Long Hai Beach because of its clear blue water, soft white waves, smooth sand beach, and interesting rock formations. You don't have to do a lot of planning; just using Long Hai Beach as a background will give you stunning shots right away, without any editing.

5. Organize Activities and Play Games by the Beach

Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau is suitable for organizing team-building activities and participating in group events. This is an ideal location for many people to engage in team-building games like tug-of-war, beachside canoe racing, and more. It's truly joyful and exciting to play games wholeheartedly by the beach with friends and family, engaging in captivating and interesting activities.

6. Admire the "Cherry Blossoms"

The apricot blossom flowers are often called "cherry blossoms" in Vung Tau. When the apricot blooms are fully open, the light pink petals with a hint of pink inside them and the light yellow stamens make for a beautiful sight. People who come to Vung Tau can feel the beauty and peace of the apricot blossom trees without having to go far.

Admire the 'Cherry Blossoms'

You can enjoy the cool breeze from the sea while looking at the peach flowers bloom. When apricot blooms cover the roads, many couples go there to be with each other. Also, a lot of companies pick this spot to take beautiful pictures of weddings. 

Towards the end of the year, people visiting Vung Tau can easily find apricot blossom trees in places like Deo Nuoc Ngot and Long Hai. They can enjoy the cool sea breeze while driving along beautiful seaside roads and looking at the blooming apricot flowers.

7. Camp Overnight on Long Hai Beach

If you visit Long Hai in the winter season, you'll likely come across many tents set up on the beach. Tourists often choose Long Hai Beach for organizing lively team-building games, vibrant bonfires, or seafood grilling parties.

Must-Visit Attractions around Long Hai Beach

If you've made the effort to visit Long Hai and only plan to swim at the beach, it seems like you might be missing out on a complete vacation. Here are some nearby attractions around Long Hai Beach that tourists highly praise:

1. Hot Springs at Binh Chau Tourist Area

Hot Springs at Binh Chau Tourist Area

Binh Chau Tourist Area wins the hearts of tourists with its incredibly relaxing natural hot springs. The hot springs here source water from natural geysers, maintaining a temperature of around 37°C, set amidst a lush and cool landscape. The close connection with nature, combined with the rising steam from the hot springs, surprises many tourists with the fairy-tale-like beauty of Binh Chau's hot springs.

2. Long Hai Fishing Village

Long Hai Fishing Village

The morning light makes the view at Long Hai Fishing Village even more beautiful. You'll see how busy the locals are trading, with the sounds of the sea breeze and the sounds of the market mixing together. You can really feel how familiar and simple this town is after having this experience.

3. Dinh Co Temple

Dinh Co Temple is a renowned sacred temple in Long Hai, dedicated to the worship of Lady Co Le Thi Hong—a figure of great spiritual significance to the people of Long Hai. Constructed in the architectural style of Buddhism, the temple covers an area of over 1000m2. The main hall of the temple is dedicated to Lady Co, the Five Elements Goddess, the Four Palaces Goddess, the Earth God, and the Wealth God. Lady Co's altar is prominently placed in the center of the hall.

4. Nuoc Ngot Pass

Nuoc Ngot Pass

Nuoc Ngot Pass is located approximately 2km from Long Hai Beach. Although the pass is only 5km long, it serves as a link between Long Dien District and Dat Do District (Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province). Shaped like the letter "C," the pass gracefully faces the sea. 

Standing at the pass, you can admire the breathtaking landscape of land, sky, and the beautiful sea. If you enjoy adventure travel, you'll love the scenery—riding a bike on the pass, feeling the cool sea breeze, and witnessing the landscape adorned in refreshing shades of green is truly indescribable.

5. Monkey Pagoda

Monkey Pagoda

The Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery, which is also known as Monkey Pagoda, is in Phuoc Hai town, Long Dat district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. It is right at the base of Ky Van Mountain. It was first called Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery, but most people just call it "Monkey Pagoda" because it's home to about 200 monkeys. The pagoda is a popular spot for tourists because it is in a special place, facing the sea and tucked against a rock.

Top cuisines when coming to Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau

1. Long Hai Pancakes

Long Hai Pancakes

Even though Long Hai pancakes aren't that new, they have a unique flavour that makes every traveller remember them forever. Their golden-yellow crust is so crispy that it melts in your mouth. They are filled with a range of fresh seafood, mushrooms, and bean sprouts that taste great, making every bite a treat.

2. Pigeon Porridge

If you've enjoyed Long Hai pancakes for lunch, you might want to try pigeon porridge in the evening to warm your stomach. The porridge is simmered with whole young pigeons and added with nutritious lotus seeds. Carefully cooked, the porridge is soft and easy to eat. It's a healthy dish with a very affordable price, usually around just a few tens of thousands of dong per serving.

3. Grilled Meat with Rice Vermicelli

Grilled Meat with Rice Vermicelli

In Long Hai, grilled meat with rice noodles is a well-known dish. Adding fried onions and a dipping sauce with a hint of fish sauce to this simple and well-known dish makes it even more memorable. When the rice vermicelli is eaten with the flavorful grilled meat, the meal really stands out. In most places, a plate of grilled meat with rice vermicelli only costs a few tens of thousands of dong.

4. Rib Noodle Soup

When in Long Hai, what do you typically have for breakfast? If you haven't thought about it, consider the rib noodle soup! Long Hai's rib noodle soup features a sweet and savory broth made from bones, with chewy rice noodles that are satisfyingly filling. The highlight of the dish is the large, tender pork rib, filled with succulent meat. Taking a bite reveals a burst of sweet and savory flavors that linger in your mouth.

5. Balut Boiled in Coconut Water

Balut Boiled in Coconut Water

Balut boiled in coconut water is a simple yet intricately prepared dish, resulting in a uniquely fragrant and unforgettable taste. Balut is boiled with sweet coconut water, simmering under a small flame to allow the balut to gradually absorb the coconut water. 

Once boiled, the balut has a sweet and aromatic flavor. Eating balut boiled in coconut water in the authentic way involves pairing it with shredded green papaya soaked in sweet and sour marinade, spicy and pungent cilantro, and a dash of salt, pepper, and chili.

Accommodations when going to Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau

1. Gold Stars Hotel

Address: Provincial Road 44, Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province.

Gold Stars Hotel is an affordable yet quality hotel. The spacious rooms, up to 45m2, come with a private restaurant serving a variety of dishes praised by many travelers. Situated just about 400m from Long Hai Beach and 585m from Dinh Co, it is super convenient for sightseeing and dining activities.

2. Seaview Long Hai Hotel

Seaview Long Hai Hotel

Address: Hai Tan Hamlet, Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province.

The Seaview Long Hai Hotel is up to 2-star standards, and many people love the quality of the rooms and the service. The hotel is about 3.2 km from Minh Dam Mountain, 510 m from Long Hai Beach, and 637 m from Dinh Co. Seaview Long Hai has private parking for people, families, and groups of people who are driving themselves. In particular, the hotel has large, private rooms with two beds that are about 22m2 in size.

3. Fleur De Lys Resort & Spa Long Hai

Fleur De Lys Resort & Spa Long Hai

Fleur De Lys Resort & Spa is a great choice if you want to stay in a nice, roomy resort in Long Hai. This 4-star standard resort has a large outdoor pool, a restaurant serving Asian and veggie food, a bar next to the pool, a private beach and a wet sauna room, among other modern features.

The Fleur De Lys Resort & Spa Long Hai also has a yard with lots of plants and flower beds that are close to nature. There is also a cool outdoor grilling area that fits in well with nature and is great for getting together with family and friends.

With its pristine and captivating beauty, Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau is sure not to disappoint for a weekend getaway. Plan your trip with your loved ones now. Vietnam Budget Car Rental hopes this information will be very helpful for you.

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