Long Beach Phu Quoc ( Bai Truong ) - A Dreamy Paradise

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Your Best Travel Guide To Phu Quoc Bai Truong Beach ( Long Beach Phu Quoc )

Long Beach Phu Quoc is a beautiful beach located on the southwest side of Phu Quoc Island and is one of the longest beaches in Vietnam. The water at Bai Truong is clear and turquoise, allowing for a clear view of the different colors of seaweed. Because of its pristine and captivating beauty, Bai Truong Beach has become a popular and bustling destination.

An Introduction to Long Beach Phu Quoc ( Bai Truong Beach )

Long Beach is on the northwest coast of Phu Quoc Island. From Cua Can to Ganh Dau Cape, it's 15 kilometres long. Mother Nature has left this beach's natural beauty, with rocky outcroppings, soft white sand, and clear blue water. Because of this, many people think it is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc.

Because of these great qualities, ABC News named Long Beach Phu Quoc one of the most beautiful, clean, and unspoiled beaches in the world in 2008. Anyhow, CNN News ranked it as the 93rd best beach in the world in 2013.

Long Beach Phu Quoc

South Long Beach and North Long Beach are two different parts of the beach, set apart by the Tranh River Estuary. The second one has a more social and touristy vibe and offers cheaper lodging and services, while the first one has a lot of high-end choices.

Many luxurious hotels, pubs, fine-eating restaurants, and other services are open in the area to make sure that vacationers have the best time possible. Also, the people who live there are very friendly and open; they often sell fresh food and give massages right on the beach.

When is the best time to visit Long Beach Phu Quoc?

The weather on Phu Quoc Island is naturally great all year long. Because of this, all of its beaches, but especially Long Beach, are some of the best places in Vietnam to go on vacation to the beach. To have the best trip possible, especially on a long vacation like a 14-day trip, it is important to check the Long Beach weather forecast ahead of time.

Long Beach Phu Quoc is at its most beautiful from November to March or April to June. During these times, people want to go to this tropical beach to relax and get away from their busy lives because the weather is nice and the views are stunning.

Best time to go to Long Beach Phu Quoc

How do you get to Long Beach Phu Quoc?

Usually, if you're traveling from the big city - Ho Chi Minh, the suggestion we propose is to rent a private car from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Quoc because it will offer you a richer experience during your journey. Typically, you'll be taken to the airport, and upon arriving at Phu Quoc Airport, you can then rent a private car in Phu Quoc to explore many interesting places. Later on, you can also ask the driver to take you to Long Beach Phu Quoc.

Best things to do at Long Beach Phu Quoc you cannot overlook

1. Checking in at the Sky Gate of Long Beach - Phu Quoc's Super HOT Instagrammable Spot

One of the best places to take pictures for Instagram is the Sky Gate at Long Beach, Duong To, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province. We're not kidding when we say that everyone who has been to Phu Quoc has beautiful pictures of this gate.

The gate is shaped like a person with two faces, and it is right next to a beautiful beach. The huge ocean can be seen when you look through the gate. Its shape against the blue of the sea makes it look very beautiful, and many people love using it as a background for their shots.

Checking in at the Sky Gate of Long Beach

2. Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Surfing

People who go to Long Beach can swim, paddleboard, surf, and do other water sports. In particular, kayaking at Long Beach is a fun sport that brings in a lot of tourists. When you go to Long Beach Phu Quoc, you should try paddling slowly on the water's surface, taking in the view of the vast ocean, watching schools of fish swim, and enjoying the fresh air.

Kayaking at Bai Truong Beach Phu Quoc

3. Watching Sunrise and Sunset, Ultimate Chill at Long Beach Phu Quoc

For tourists, Long Beach Phu Quoc is one of the best spots to witness the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the pearl island. With its long, smooth white sandy shore, you can leisurely stroll and admire the sunrise. The moment when the sun rises from the ocean, shining brightly like a fiery sphere, appears incredibly beautiful. The vast and tranquil atmosphere of Long Beach Phu Quoc in the early morning makes the sunrise moment even more radiant and majestic.

Bai Truong Beach Phu Quoc, is also a stunning place to watch breathtaking sunsets. There's nothing more enjoyable than sitting with friends or family at beachside bars, sipping cocktails, refreshing fruit juices, chilling to music, and watching the sunset gradually descend.

Watching Sunrise and Sunset, Ultimate Chill at Long Beach

4. Swimming and Snorkeling to Admire Coral Reefs

Long Beach Phu Quoc is beautiful because the water colours change all day. At sunrise, the water is pinkish, and later in the day, it can be blue, jade green, or deep purple. The sea life around this area is also very varied.

People can swim in the cool, clear water of Long Beach Phu Quoc while taking in the beautiful scenery. Another interesting thing to do in this area is to go diving to see the colourful coral reefs and learn about the rich marine environment.

5. Beachside Massage at Affordable Prices

Beachside Massage

When you go on vacation to Long Beach Phu Quoc, lying by the beach in the shade of trees, feeling the cool breeze from the water, and getting a massage to rest your body sounds like a great idea. A massage on the beach can help your body and mind relax after a long day of work or worry. There are a lot of massage services here that don't cost too much and are of good quality, so tourists can feel at ease.

6. Have a Picnic Right at the Beach

Night camping and outdoor BBQs are perfect at Long Beach. Spending some time at the beach with loved ones is a great way to relax and rejuvenate while also taking in breathtaking scenery and a cool breeze. Having a picnic and taking a leisurely walk by the water's edge will make your excursion one to remember.

Top cuisines for you to taste at Long Beach Phu Quoc

1. Mackerel Salad

Mackerel Salad (Goi Ca Trich)

Kicking off the list of what to eat at Long Beach Phu Quoc is the mackerel salad – the number one specialty of the "Pearl Island". This dish is prepared using fresh mackerel meat along with various vegetables such as shredded coconut, onions, shallots, basil, and other spices.

Thanks to the unique combination of these ingredients, the mackerel salad wins over food enthusiasts with its perfectly balanced sweetness and richness of flavor.

2. "Bun Ken" Fish Noodles

'Bun Ken' Fish Noodles

Many people have never heard of "Bun Ken," but it's a very famous dish in Phu Quoc and some provinces in the western part of Vietnam. Minced rabbitfish or lizardfish is cooked with coconut juice, boiled fish soup, and five-spice powder to make this dish. Papaya shreds, herbs, and chilli are often served with it.

At first glance, this dish may not look very appealing, but it tastes amazing. The sweet fish meat goes perfectly with the rich coconut juice and the crisp fresh veggies.

3. Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins, or "nhum bien" in Vietnamese, are especially favored by seafood enthusiasts exploring Long Beach Phu Quoc. Sea cucumbers are prepared in various ways, such as using the flesh in porridge, grilling with scallion oil, or eating it raw with lime. However, the most common method is enjoying grilled sea cucumber with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a dash of lime juice.

4. Stirred Noodles

Stirred Noodles (Bun Quay)

Visitors to Phu Quoc should try the stirred noodles, which are known as the island's most popular dish. From the freshly made noodles to the self-made dipping sauce, this dish dazzles with its amazing presentation and delicious flavours.

While the broth isn't as strong as some other noodle meals, Phu Quoc stirred noodles are memorable because they combine a variety of fresh seafood in a sweet and sour sauce that goes well with the noodles.

5. Sentinel Crab

Last but not least, it would be remiss not to mention Sentinel Crabs in the list of what to eat at Long Beach Phu Quoc. The clams here are renowned for their firm, sweet, and aromatic meat, available in various sizes.

Despite being simply prepared by steaming and served with a sprinkle of salt and pepper with a dash of lime, they always leave diners in awe due to their irresistibly fresh and delicious taste.

Accommodations when going to Long Beach Phu Quoc

1. Regent Phu Quoc

Regent Phu Quoc

Regent Phu Quoc is situated in a prime location on Long Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the "Pearl Island". With 216 suites and 126 villas, almost every room offers stunning views, overlooking the vast sky and the azure ocean.

Renowned for luxury and modernity in architectural design and interior décor, Regent Phu Quoc also provides top-notch amenities and exceptional service quality.

2. Intercontinental Phu Quoc

Intercontinental Phu Quoc

The Intercontinental Phu Quoc is thought to be a dream resort, with modern architecture that looks great and excellent service. It has a total of 459 rooms, ranging from simple bedrooms to high-end apartments and houses.

If people choose to stay at the Intercontinental Phu Quoc, they will be able to enjoy stunning views of the ocean and friendly service.

3. Novotel

Novotel Phu Quoc

Located in a prime spot within the Sonasea Villas & Resort complex, Novotel is just about a 10-minute drive from the airport and approximately 25 minutes from Duong Dong town.

Highly rated by travelers for its picturesque architecture and high-end services, Novotel offers a total of 366 rooms designed to 5-star standards and fully equipped with modern amenities.

4. Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas

There are four hundred rooms with sea views, one hundred and ten magnificent villas, and a lively entertainment centre at the Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas on Long Beach.

Located on Phu Quoc's hilly coastline, Sunset Sanato Resort & Villas is renowned for its breathtaking sunset views and one-of-a-kind photo ops.

5. Sol by Melia

Sol by Melia Resort at Phu Quoc

Nestled amidst tropical gardens, Sol by Melia impresses with its distinct style reflecting the tropical seaside, predominantly featuring white and blue tones.

Moreover, Sol by Melia is known as the most well-equipped resort in Phu Quoc, offering various amenities and accompanying services such as restaurants, bars, spas, and breathtaking scenic views.

These days, Long Beach Phu Quoc is well-known for both its picturesque scenery and its constant stream of visitors. This is the ideal spot for you if you like a vibrant, busy atmosphere that complements the stunning seascape of Phu Quoc.

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