Chan May Port To Hue By Private Car

Hue travel guide information.

Hue is a city located in central Vietnam on the banks of the Perfume River. The nearest airport is Phu Bai International Airport, which is about 15 kilometers from the city center.

You can travel to Hue from Chan May Port by private car with a driver.

Alternatively, you can travel to Hue by train or bus from other major cities in Vietnam, such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.


Best time to visit Hue:

The best time to visit Hue is from February to April and September to November. During these months, the weather is generally mild and pleasant. Avoid visiting during the rainy season, which is from October to January, as heavy rainfall can occur and affect outdoor activities.

Historical and cultural of Hue:


Imperial City: Explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Imperial City, which was once the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors. Marvel at the citadel's impressive architecture, palaces, and royal buildings.

Thien Mu Pagoda: Visit the iconic Thien Mu Pagoda, one of the most famous pagodas in Vietnam. Enjoy the scenic views of the Perfume River from this seven-story pagoda.

Tombs of the Nguyen Emperors: Discover the elaborate tombs of the Nguyen emperors located along the Perfume River. Notable tombs include the Tomb of Minh Mang, the Tomb of Khai Dinh, and the Tomb of Tu Duc.

Take a boat trip along the Perfume River to enjoy the scenic views and visit attractions along the riverbanks. You can visit Thien Mu Pagoda and the Royal Tombs, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Hue Cuisine:

Hue is known for its unique cuisine, which is characterized by its royal origins and spicy flavors. Don't miss trying specialties such as Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup), Banh Beo (steamed rice cakes), and Banh Khoai (Hue-style pancake).

Explore the local food stalls and restaurants in Hue to savor the authentic flavors of the region.

Dong Ba Market:

Visit Dong Ba Market, the largest and oldest market in Hue. Explore the bustling market to find various goods, including fresh produce, handicrafts, clothing, and local snacks.


Hue Festival:

If your visit coincides with the biennial Hue Festival, immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural performances, art exhibitions, and traditional events that showcase the rich heritage of Hue.

Traditional Crafts:

Hue is known for its traditional crafts, such as conical hat-making, incense-making, and silk weaving. Visit local workshops to observe the artisans at work and purchase unique handmade souvenirs.
Local Festivals:

Experience the local festivals in Hue, such as the Hue Traditional Craft Festival or the Hue Cuisine Festival, which celebrate the cultural heritage and traditions of the region.

How far is it from Chan May port to Hue?


Chan May Port is a deep-water seaport located in central Vietnam, near the city of Hue. Here is some information about Chan May Port:

Location and accessibility:

Chan May Port is situated in Loc Vinh Commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien-Hue Province, Vietnam.

It is strategically positioned along the coastline, making it a gateway to central Vietnam's popular destinations such as Hue, Danang, and Hoi An.

The port is approximately 55 kilometers from Hue City, 70 kilometers from Danang, and 120 kilometers from Hoi An.

Port facilities:

Chan May Port is a modern facility that handles large cruise ships and cargo vessels. It has two main piers: Chan May Pier and Hon Lao Pier, capable of accommodating multiple ships simultaneously.

The port provides essential facilities such as berths, cargo handling equipment, passenger terminals, customs, immigration, and security services.

Cruise ship services:

Chan May Port is a popular stop for cruise ships traveling in the region, offering access to nearby tourist destinations.

The port provides efficient disembarkation and embarkation procedures, including customs and immigration clearance.

Chan May port to Hue by private car is available at the port to transport passengers to various tourist attractions.

Hue shore excursions tour a day from Chan May port. 


Here is a detailed itinerary for a one-day tour of Hue from Chan May Port:

7:30 AM: Our car with a driver will wait for you at the port exit gate of the Chan May Port.

8:00 AM: Depart for Hue tour from Chan May Port for 1h30 minutes 

9:30 AM: Visit the Imperial City and Forbidden Purple City.

Explore the vast Imperial City complex, which served as the political and administrative center of the Nguyen Dynasty.


Enter through the Ngo Mon Gate and discover the palaces, temples, and courtyards within.
Explore the Forbidden Purple City, the private residence of the emperors, and learn about its intriguing history.

11:00 AM: Thien Mu Pagoda.

Drive to Thien Mu Pagoda, an iconic religious site overlooking the Perfume River. Look at the elegant seven-story pagoda and learn its significance in Vietnamese Buddhism. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings and beautiful views of the river and surrounding landscapes.

12:00 PM: Take your lunch by the local food of Hue:

1.Ancient Hue Restaurant:

Address: 104/47 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Hue
Known for its traditional Hue dishes and elegant atmosphere.
Recommended dishes: Banh Beo (steamed rice cakes), Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup), and Nem Lui (grilled pork skewers).

2.Lac Thien Restaurant:

Address: 06 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hue
It is a popular spot for Hue specialties with a cozy and friendly ambiance.
Recommended dishes: Banh Khoai (Hue-style pancake), Banh Uot Thit Nuong (grilled pork wrapped in rice paper), and Banh Loc (steamed clear dumplings).

3. Hanh Restaurant:

Address: 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Hue
Offers a wide selection of Hue dishes, emphasizing fresh and local ingredients.
Recommended dishes: Com Hen (clam rice), Bun Thit Nuong (grilled pork with vermicelli), and Banh Loc Goi La Chuoi (steamed tapioca dumplings with banana leaves).



4.Y Thao Garden Restaurant:

Address: 3 Thach Han Street, Hue
Located in a beautiful garden setting with traditional Hue architecture.
Known for its authentic Hue cuisine and cultural performances.
Recommended dishes: Banh Xeo (Vietnamese savory pancake), Banh It Ram (fried sticky rice dumplings), and Nem Ran (fried spring rolls).

5.Mandarin Café & Restaurant:

Address: 24 Tran Cao Van Street, Hue
A cozy restaurant offering a mix of Vietnamese and Western dishes, including Hue specialties.
Recommended dishes: Bun Thit Nuong (grilled pork with vermicelli), Nem Lui (grilled pork skewers), and Banh Xeo (Vietnamese savory pancake).

6.Nook Café & Restaurant:

Address: 18 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Hue
A popular spot for both local and international cuisine.
Offers a range of dishes, including Hue specialties and vegetarian options.

Recommended dishes: Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup), Banh Loc (steamed clear dumplings), and Ca Tim Nuong Mo Hanh (grilled eggplant with scallion oil).

Recommended dishes try traditional dishes such as Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup), Banh Khoai (Hue-style pancake), or Nem Lui (grilled pork skewers).

1:30 PM: Tomb of Minh Mang.

Visit the Tomb of Minh Mang, one of Hue's most impressive royal tombs. Explore the beautifully landscaped gardens, ornate structures, and serene atmosphere of the tomb complex. Learn about the life and achievements of Emperor Minh Mang.

14:30 PM: Tomb of Khai Dinh.

Proceed to the Tomb of Khai Dinh, known for its unique blend of Vietnamese and European architectural styles.



Ascend the steps to the tomb and admire the intricate designs and stunning mosaics. Take in the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

16:00 PM: Return to Chan May Port.

17:00 PM: Arrive at Chan May Port.

End of the tour.

Notes: You may discuss with our driver the time to leave for Hue a bit early depending on your cruise schedule to leave for the Chan May port.

Journey - Rates USD Duration 4 seats 7 seats 16 seats 30 seats 50 seats
Chan may port to Hue tour full day 125 135 179 299 399
Phu My port to Ho Chi Minh full day 125 135 179 299 399
Chan may port to Hoian full day 125 135 179 299 399

Note: This is a private car rental charge, not per per-person charge.

Our car fleet information:


Sedan 4 seat.

Sedan or Vios :  Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fleet-cars-1 3 people & Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-suitcase 3 luggage + handbags.


(Toyota Vios, Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Kia Stinger, Kia Selto)

SUV 7 seat 

SUV or Innova: Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fleet-cars-1 5 people   & Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-suitcase 5 luggage + handbags.

(Mux Isuzu, Toyota Fortuner, Inova, Avanza, Rush, Ford Everest, Nissan Terra, Kia Sorento, Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga)

Minivan 16 seat
Minivan : Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fleet-cars-112 people &Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-suitcase16 luggages + handbags


(Mercedes Spinter, Huyndai Solati).


Note: We will change a bit if we pick up the car and drop it off at a different location.

*Please, book and confirm the self-car service with us in advance because we may require the payment deposit contracted.

5-Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-ImagesService includes English-speaking drivers, all of fuel and driver expenses, parking and airport fees, water, and tissue.

5-Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-ImagesService excludes Entrance fee, tour guide, meals, accommodation, and other services not clearly mentioned.

*An English-speaking driver means our driver may communicate basic English at all as saying hello, time to pick up and return, and telling him to drive you to any tourist attractions, spots & restaurant on the tour as our driver is not a local tour guide and his English speaking is not perfect as the professional tour guide.

A professional English-speaking tour guide will be 29 USD/ day.

If this itinerary does not match your wish, Please email us your request.


For any FAQs for the future of the trip, please text our tour consultant on this application below:

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How does the car rental reservation procedure work? 

All car rental reservations must require a payment deposit to secure your service always available and fix the base charge.

The entire process of booking a car is quite easy! Please, click here.


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