All Thing you need to know before travelling to Binh Duong

Sunday, 05/02/2023, 14:36 GMT+7

In recent years, self-sufficient tourism has become a form of tourism that is targeted by many people, especially young people who love to move, are passionate about freedom, and love to explore new lands.

With this article, Vietnam Budget Car Rental wants to send to all of you a full set of super-economical self-sufficient Binh Duong travel experiences. Hopefully, it will be the most complete and detailed guide to help you have a perfect trip.


Summary of extremely hot Binh Duong travel experiences

Every time you plan a trip, surely names like Da Lat, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Sapa ... are always at the top of the list of choices. And if you have gone to all those places or not, Binh Duong province is also a suggested place worth your attention.

Binh Duong is now completely different, putting on a completely new and attractive shirt. Surely with all Binh Duong travel experiences from the article. You will not hesitate to book tickets, set out to enjoy the beauty of this land.

Usually, when it comes to Binh Duong, our first thought is that it is the key economic region of the country, a province with extremely strong industrial and economic development.

However, economic development does not mean that Binh Duong loses its beauty. Since ancient times, Binh Duong is also known for its rich and diverse history and culture. Read our full article and you will nod to the beauty here.



Reasons to travel to Binh Duong

There are many reasons for you to choose Binh Duong as a destination for your discovery journey, but just the following two reasons are enough for you to feel its own charm.

Firstly, it is a large and extremely interesting place for entertainment and picnics chosen by many young people for weekends, secondly, it is a charming and beautiful landscape.

Only one small minus point is that sometimes there will be unexpected heavy rains that interfere with your trip. But if you are an experience enthusiast, it is even more interesting.

Binh Duong is one of six provinces in the Southeast region. Including Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau and finally Ho Chi Minh. Owning a geographical location has many advantages.

Binh Duong province is also just far from the city center. Ho Chi Minh City is about 30km to the North, so visitors can easily move from Saigon. Moreover, it only takes about 30 minutes by motorbike to reach some places along the Saigon River.


Learn about the climate characteristics of Binh Duong province

First, we will briefly learn about the climate characteristics here. Like Saigon, Binh Duong has a stable tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid weather, a lot of rain, and high humidity.

Every year, Binh Duong's climate is divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season from May to November, in which September is the heaviest rain. At the beginning of the season, you will experience torrential showers for a few hours and then stop completely.

The dry season is from December to April next year, January is the least rainy month and almost no rain in recent years. The special thing in Binh Duong is that there are almost no storms. If there are, only close storms, disaster impact is low.

Temperature and humidity in Binh Duong have little fluctuation. Moreover, the province has a sub-equatorial climate, so temperature, humidity and light sources are always abundant.

Annual average temperature ranges from 26 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature in the year is 16 degrees Celsius and the highest in the dry season is up to 39.3 degrees Celsius.


Creating favorable conditions for agriculture to develop, especially short- and long-term industrial plants. If you are wondering about the trips, you need to learn more about the weather characteristics of Binh Duong in each season.


The best time to travel to Binh Duong

With mild weather all year round, convenient for sightseeing. Therefore, you can come to Binh Duong to travel and visit at any time of the year.

However, the sincere advice is that there is a time of the year when Binh Duong rains very heavily, that is from July to September, the rest of the year is cool. So in order not to interrupt the trip, you should avoid going at this time.

The best time you should probably go is from May to August. At this time, the fruit gardens in Binh Duong are in the harvest season, attracting a large number of tourists.

If you go at this time you will be satisfied with your vision. Vast gardens with all kinds of fresh fruits typical of the Southern region, which tree is luxuriant with fruit. Guests can also comfortably enjoy until full and then return.

In which, the most famous is Lai Thieu fruit garden with an area of ​​up to 1,200 hectares spanning 6 communes of the province. In addition, you should also pay attention to the weather when you intend to go to other eco-tourism destinations such as Thuy Chau, Dai Nam.

If you want to enjoy bathing at the beaches, artificial parks and freely participate in entertainment games, the best choice is from August to September.


What do you need to prepare when traveling to Binh Duong?

Here are the things that you need to prepare if you intend to come to Binh Duong:


Find out about the weather situation

Tracking the weather helps you decide whether to start your journey or not. Knowing the upcoming weather also helps you choose appropriate clothing and personal items.

As shared above, the weather in Binh Duong is quite stable, except for a few months when there is heavy rain. If you have not yet learned about the weather situation and rushed here, you will definitely waste a long day.

Moreover, most of the heavy rains are concentrated in September. So you just need to avoid traveling to Binh Duong this month, other months in the rainy season may rain a lot, little rain or no rain.

If you choose to go to Binh Duong in the dry season, it is not necessary to know the weather in advance. However, this is still necessary, so that you can prepare yourself with sunscreen items as well as reasonable entertainment spots in the dry season.



Don't forget the necessary documents

In any trip, identification documents and money are always inseparable items that should never be forgotten. Whether you are just the person sitting in the back of the car or the hotel booking has been taken care of by someone else, important documents must be brought along.

Identity papers so that you can easily and conveniently travel on vehicles. For example, you cannot board the plane without bringing your ID/CCCD, passport and birth certificate for young children.

In case the carrier has sent the ID card at the hotel, if you need to rent a motorbike, you will have to be the one to leave the ID card.


Bring personal items

Binh Duong weather is cool but always sunny, moreover the main tourist destinations are fruit gardens, outdoor resorts, so sunscreen, coats, hats, glasses and masks are items you should bring to avoid falling into a passive position.

You also need to prepare yourself beautiful bathing suits if you want to have fun at the water park. To avoid forgetting the necessary items for the trip, you should prepare your luggage at least 1 day in advance and arrange them neatly and scientifically.


Bring food to tourist areas

For some people, food is an "inseparable" thing during travel. Preparing and bringing food to tourist areas not only helps you have more energy for the journey because it is suitable for your taste, but it can also save some costs. With some tourist areas, if allowed, you can completely prepare food from outside to bring in.

This will be suitable for groups of young people who want to have a self-sufficient trip to Binh Duong or families with young children or members who are not used to eating out.

However, do not overdo it, but rejecting local dishes will make you lose interesting experiences. And not all resorts allow you to bring food from outside, so you need to find out in advance about this issue.


Some experiences in booking hotels when traveling to Binh Duong

Booking a hotel when traveling seems to be an easy problem, but it causes many people a headache. How to book a good, cheap room? How to book a room early and know what is a safe and quality hotel? Some experience booking hotels in Binh Duong below will help you solve all the above concerns.

As you know, Saigon and Binh Duong are not far from each other, so most young people in neighboring areas often choose the form of day trip. As for long-distance tourists, you should book a hotel room as soon as possible, at least a few days in advance.

Because then you have many options and also have the opportunity to enjoy some attractive promotions of that hotel. However, do not worry too much because the system of hotels, motels and homestays in Binh Duong area has recently sprouted up like mushrooms after the rain.

Especially in tourist areas or areas such as Tan Uyen, Di An, Thu Dau Mot.


Experience when going in a crowd

If you go with a large number of people, you should book a hotel room 5-7 days in advance so as not to fall into a passive position, then it will be difficult to handle.

Particularly for the holidays, at least 2 weeks to keep the room because of this time, you come to book directly, there will be no more because most hotels are full of rooms.

If you only go to a few people, you may not need to book too early, just contact 2-3 days in advance. If you can't book early, book at the last minute. Usually the hotel will still leave a few empty rooms for tourists, so at around 4pm when they start closing the room, you should call to book.


It is recommended to book a room near the place of entertainment

Not only in Binh Duong, but the general experience when you travel is that you should book a room at hotels near the places to visit and play you plan to come.

Thus, you will not waste time traveling on vehicles to visit places. If you are planning to travel economically, you should only choose cheap motels and hotels from 2-3 stars, the most reasonable, prices range from 200-400 thousand / night. Most travelers usually accept the hotel's price immediately.

But the listed price is only true for high-end and luxury hotels, but if you rent rooms in mid-range hotels, cheap hotels, motels, you can completely negotiate the price.

Especially when traveling not on holiday, bargaining for room rates is quite easy. Traveling in the direction of saving, but also need to ensure a safe place to sleep, I think that after a day of riding a motorbike, everyone will need a clean space, a warm bed to lie down on.


Suggest some cheap and comfortable hotels in Binh Duong

Most of Binh Duong's sightseeing and entertainment places are located in central and densely populated areas such as Thu Dau Mot town, Thuan An city and Ben Cat town. So for convenience of moving and saving costs, you should choose to book rooms in the 3 areas below.


Hotels in Thu Dau Mot area

  • The Mira Hotel 5 stars: 555B Binh Duong Boulevard, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.
  • Elizabeth Hotel 4 stars: 17/41 Tran Van On, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong
  • BCONS BINH DONG HOTEL: 50 Bach Dang, Phu Cuong, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Hotels in Thuan An area

  • Citadines Central Binh Duong: 328C Binh Duong Boulevard, An Thanh, Thuan An, Binh Duong.
  • Spring Hotel 1 star: number 23D DD. N2, Lai Thieu, Thuan An, Binh Duong.
  • May Hotel 1 star: 419/3A National Road 13, An Thanh, Thuan An, Binh Duong.


Ben Cat area

  • Hung Phuoc Hotel: 95 – 97 D1 Street, Ben Cat, Binh Duong.
  • Khai Hoan Hotel: TC1, My Phuoc, Ben Cat, Binh Duong.
  • Golden Hotel: DE1, Thoi Hoa, Ben Cat, Binh Duong


Which means of transport should I choose to move to Binh Duong?

Binh Duong is a dynamic and developing city, so it is very easy to move around here. Binh Duong self-sufficient travel experience has 4 options for you when moving to this city: Plane, coach, train and motorbike.


By plane

Traveling by plane is a popular choice today because of the convenience and speed it brings. However, the price of airfare is often higher than traveling by other means.

If going to Binh Duong, from Hanoi area to Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh) first. Then easily catch the bus from the Western bus station to Binh Duong only about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the location you want to go to is near or far.


The reason for this is because although Binh Duong has Phu Giao airport, it was built for military purposes, so passengers can only land at Tan Son Nhat airport or nearby Can Tho airport if they want to go to Binh Duong.

Regarding airfares to Binh Duong, depending on the airline and departure point, there will be differences, specifically as follows:


Every day, there are about 50-60 flights between Hanoi and Saigon. Vietjet Air and Jetstar are the cheapest airlines, with prices from only 190,000 VND excluding taxes and fees.

Particularly, Vietnam Airlines has a higher price, from VND 800,000/ticket excluding taxes and fees, but in return for a large number of flights, 20kg of checked baggage is free.


Every day from Da Nang International Airport, an average of 12-15 flights are operated/airlines including Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, Vietjet Air. Airfares range from 199,000 VND-499,000 VND/ticket excluding taxes and fees.


By bus

An option for you if you do not know whether to travel by means of transport is to go by bus. By bus, you don't have to drive yourself, you can sleep in the car or enjoy the scenery comfortably and above all, you save a considerable amount of money.

Currently, many tourists from neighboring provinces almost always choose bus as the main means of transport when coming to Binh Duong.

Currently, most of the big bus stations in the provinces or the Western bus station, Ho Chi Minh City always have buses to Binh Duong every day.

You don't have to book tickets too long in advance like a plane, you just need to call the bus companies to book tickets a day or even half a day in advance. Or if you want to go right away, you can buy tickets directly at the bus station.

It only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes to move from Saigon to Binh Duong. Going from Thu Dau Mot to Di An is closer, so the price only ranges from 60,000 VND for a regular bus, 150,000 for a limousine.

However, a big disadvantage of traveling by bus is that you have to depend a lot on the schedule of the car, unable to take the initiative in moving to tourist destinations.

Especially when traveling by bus, it is very common to get car sick, especially for cheap passenger cars. Certainly, a bus can hardly bring comfort to you when traveling.


By train

Besides airplanes and passenger cars, trains are also one of the choices to travel to Binh Duong. Visitors will be proactive in terms of time because trains rarely run out of tickets except during Tet holidays.

Sitting on the train, you will enjoy many spectacular natural scenes from the vast grasslands, golden sand dunes, majestic mountain slopes or enchanting sea routes every time the train passes.

However, the train is also not the choice of most people. Because the distance is quite long, it takes about 2 days to arrive if starting from the northern provinces, and 1 day with the central provinces.

And if you only take advantage of traveling on weekends, taking the train is not a wise decision. If you really want to experience the train culture to Binh Duong, arrange a schedule of at least 5-6 days so that the trip is not rushed and exhausted.

Of course, all trains will end at Saigon station, then if you want to go down to Binh Duong, continue to take the bus down. If you want to go fast and with quality, you should choose fast trains like SE10, SE12 because the train will not have to wait and park to make way for other trains.

You should buy train tickets and choose starting points from major stations because those trains do not stop at small stations. To capture information as well as buy tickets in time, visit the website, enter the departure station - arrival station, departure date to search.


By motorbike

Self-sufficient travel by motorbike is no stranger to young people today, both saving costs and being proactive in the schedule, and having memorable experiences.

For the surrounding areas of Binh Duong, riding a motorbike will be very convenient, if you often suffer from motion sickness and cannot use buses or taxis, this is the first choice. There is nothing better than traveling on long roads and finding interesting experiences.


The distance from Saigon to Binh Duong is only about 70km, the road system with wide, flat roads, easy to move, if you ride a motorbike, it only takes about 1 and a half hours to arrive.

So it is very suitable for a trip to Binh Duong 1 day in the morning and back in the afternoon. Similarly, the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Duong from the bordering position is about 30km, while other districts, depending on the location, the travel time will vary more or less.

From Saigon to Binh Duong, there are 3 directions to choose from. If you plan to travel, you should determine your schedule to choose the most suitable and convenient route for you. Here is a detailed guide on how to get from the center of Saigon to the Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong province:

Route 1: Follow DT748, distance 72km, travel time 1 hour 50 minutes. From Truong Chinh Street -> Hanoi Highway (also known as National Highway 1) -> Ask for directions to Le Van Khuong (on the left) -> turn to Le Van Khuong -> Ha Duy Phien (DH9) -> Road Nguyen Chi Thanh -> Tel748-> TL750 -> Binh Duong.

Route 2: Take Highway 22, the distance is 75km, travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes. From the city center. Ho Chi Minh City - go to Truong Chinh Street - Xuyen A Street (National Highway 22 Tan Hung Thuan).

Go to Nguyen Thi Ranh Street - Turn onto Provincial Road 15 Phu My Hung - Go to Dau Tieng - Huong Highway 706 - An Dien - An Lap - Provincial Road 750 Minh Tan - Binh Duong.

Route 3: Going through National Highway 13, the distance is 70km, the travel time is about 2 hours From the city center. Ho Chi Minh City - go in the direction of Truong Chinh to Hanoi Highway - to Tan Thoi Hiep, turn onto Le Van Khuong Street.

Enter Ha Duy Phien Street - go to Binh Duong province - enter Highway 13 at Thu Dau Mot - turn into TL750 – Go straight to Binh Duong. As far as Binh Duong travel experience is known, route No. 1 is said to be the fastest because of convenient and easy traffic.

If you are not yet spacious on the road, you can combine it with Google Maps to save time.


Choosing a means of transportation in the inner city when traveling to Binh Duong

When traveling to Binh Duong, if you want to walk around the city, you can choose to rent a motorbike, rent a car with a driver, self-drive car or call a taxi, grabbike ... offline.

You can combine walking or riding a motorbike depending on whether the places you want to go are far or near. You can completely install this Grab motorbike application to freely move to the places you want without having to waste effort. However, this option is only suitable when you already have a certain destination during a session or all day.


Some experiences to know

On the contrary, if you intend to travel to Binh Duong, to be in harmony with the wind, with nature. And you can go to all other famous attractions by motorbike.

The road is wide, the scenery is beautiful, the soul is free to let go of the soul with the clouds. Especially, when riding a motorbike, you can take the initiative, freely stop anywhere, enjoy any specialty without depending.

Another plus point is to save money because if you go all day in Binh Duong, it only takes about 50,000 - 100,000 VND. If you want to take the time to rest, you can choose to travel by bus when going from Saigon to Binh Duong. You just need to take a short nap in the car, when you open your eyes, you have arrived.


Car rental locations in Binh Duong

Are you planning to rent a car? Then do not ignore the information below.


As a unit specializing in motorbike rental services, it is supported by many tourists. With the advantage of the store located right in the city center. Provide a variety of motorbikes with rental prices from 80,000 - 200,000 VND / day / depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

All cars are regularly maintained and checked, so you can be completely assured when using the car here. Moreover, Quynh Nhu store also has car delivery, free gas, and helmet.

Address: Alley 172 Tran Van On, Phu Hoa Ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.
Contact: 0939 225 160


In Bach Diep (Ben Cat, Binh Duong), besides renting tourist cars, this place also rents cheap motorbikes. The store was voted prestigious with 24/7 customer support service, car delivery. When renting a car, you are equipped with 2 helmets, 2 raincoats and 1 liter of free gasoline.

Address: Lot F2, NA3 Avenue, My Phuoc Urban Area, My Phuoc, Binh Duong.
Contact: 0906 305 234 – 0704 622 622


In order to meet the needs of customers, besides the field of accommodation, Phuong Nam Resort opens a motorbike rental service with preferential prices.

At the hotel, you only need a driver's license and identity card to be able to rent a car. Rest assured about the quality of the car, because it's new, most of it is still very new. The rental price is only from 100k/day.

Address: December 15, Trung Quarter, Vinh Phu, Thuan An Binh Duong.
Contact: 02471 099 999

With only 100k, you can own a motorbike for the day when renting a motorbike at Lam Phat transport company. The number of cars is large, so it is not difficult to choose a satisfactory car. Especially if you want to rent a car, the company has staff to deliver to you with very simple and fast procedures.

Address: 264/35/21A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Thu Dau Mot
Contact: 0918 307 488

Call taxi

Coming to Binh Duong, a land is quite large, the destination is also quite far. So you need to prepare everything well to be able to enjoy your journey.

In addition to motorbikes, in Binh Duong, there are many choices of means of transportation. Like renting a shuttle car that is the most suitable and best in terms of price and service with a family group, or a group going out together.

Calling a taxi is considered the most luxurious and convenient today. Not only go in Binh Duong but also anywhere. And if you want to go here and there, you want to launch on wide beautiful roads. And looking at buildings, industrial parks or roads, it's still better to ride a motorbike.


Binh Duong tourist areas attractive entertainment and impressive selfie

You are a person who likes to travel, do you set a goal to discover all the beauty of the country by the age of 20? Maybe it's hard to forget how long will it take for the beauty of Vietnam to come to an end?

There are so many beautiful scenes to make you fall in love. However, there are certain places to go. Let's explore together the Binh Duong tourist destinations that you cannot ignore.


Dai Nam Tourist Area (Dai Nam Van Hien Lost Landscape)

Located on Binh Duong Boulevard, Hiep An Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province. This place is a complex with temples and mountains, amusement parks, entertainment hotels, rivers and lakes, citadel.

Helping visitors have an interesting experience, spiritual tourism with national historical and cultural identity. Currently, Dai Nam is the most attractive destination in Binh Duong. Every year, more than 2 million visitors flock to play and visit.

This is a famous tourist area with the largest area in Southeast Asia with 450ha. The works here are also super large scale from entertainment areas for young people to spiritual works.

With a variety of types, this place attracts visitors to come back again and again. Because some people even go 7 times and still have not explored the entire area.

Usually, locals often choose Dai Nam as an attractive weekend destination. To play and go about during the day and can go at any time of the year. However, the resort has a large area with many outdoor activities.

You should go on cool and pleasant weather days to be able to explore all of Dai Nam without getting tired. You should limit traveling to Dai Nam on holidays and Tet.

Because the number of tourists will be very crowded, it is easy to jostle and push. Particularly for tourists who are far away, find yourself an ideal place to stay nearby to spend the night.

I believe, after a long day with a lot of entertainment games. You will no longer have the strength to go home. Having come to Dai Nam, why not stay one more day to bombard all the surrounding locations for a complete trip away.

If you are curious and interested in coming to Dai Nam, you should consult the ticket price in advance. Because here there are many types of services with different prices. Please refer carefully to not miss the attractive games in Dai Nam.

Address: Highway 13, Hiep An, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Lai Thieu fruit garden - the mecca of fruits

Garden tours bring many interesting experiences, not only having beautiful photos but also enjoying fresh fruits on the trees on the spot. Or you can buy it as a gift for your loved ones at home.


Not only that, you can also hang a hammock under the trees and enjoy the fresh air or organize team building, party in the garden. With a location close to Saigon, with beautiful natural scenery, Lai Thieu fruit garden in Binh Duong is a place that attracts many people to explore.

Only 20km from Saigon, visitors can visit the fruit garden without having to cross 70km down to the West. Visitors can choose Lai Thieu garden for weekends to rest and have fun.

And enjoy the fresh air of nature. Coming to Lai Thieu, you will see with your own eyes the stretching fruit gardens. With many kinds of rambutan, durian, bon bon, jackfruit, ... And especially mangosteen.

As you know, garden tourism is no stranger to people in this area. And even in Saigon, there is no shortage of dreamy and fruity orchards. So what makes Lai Thieu hold on to tourists?

That is because of the variety of fruits, because here still carries the breath, the fresh rural air. So that visitors can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city to mingle with nature.

Coming to Lai Thieu fruit garden, visitors do not have to be curious, wondering when to go at the right time to be able to enjoy fruit. Because in Lai Thieu there are all kinds of fruits, each season produces a type.

So don't be afraid to come but just watch. Like the fruit gardens in the West, the fruits here are mainly full of fruit. And the most ripe season is from May to August. The rest of the months have but are less crowded. Normally people will not sell tickets to enter.

They charge according to the number of berries you have picked. So you should choose the time when many fruits are ripe to go. Coming to Lai Thieu, you cannot miss one of the gardens with the largest area and the largest variety of fruits in this area.

These are: Ba Tam orchard, 99 orchard, Hong Van garden… Especially, Lai Thieu fruit garden is very close to Dai Nam tourist area. So you can take advantage of two weekends to explore these two great destinations to have more energy for new days.

Address: Lai Thieu Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong


Thuy Chau Binh Duong eco-tourism area

Thuy Chau Binh Duong eco-tourism area is one of the hot tourist destinations this summer not to be missed. This is the place that is being loved and cared by most people.

Located in Binh Thang, Di An, Binh Duong, 20km from Saigon city. The transportation here is very convenient and easy to get around. With an area of 18ha, this place includes man-made landscapes. Combined with rivers and streams, a system of forests and artificial waterfalls, it creates a clean and fresh space.

Coming here, you will be overwhelmed by the artificial space that is no different from nature. Right from the entrance to the gate are rows of green trees on both sides of the road.

Giving visitors the feeling of enjoyment as if they are enjoying the dreamy Dalat atmosphere. Coming to Thuy Chau eco-tourism area, you will be bathed in cool water from an artificial waterfall.

It is possible to swim in a swimming pool built in European style. In addition, guests can enjoy delicious food at reasonable prices at Pacific restaurant.

Coming to Thuy Chau eco-tourism area, visitors will have great experiences for themselves and their families. A destination that is both attractive and reasonably priced deserves to be on your list of choices.

Ticket price here is only 80,000 adults and 40,000 VND/child. Including picnic sightseeing, waterfall waterfall and swimming pool. Outdoor party services are also full, with prices only from 10-50 thousand.

Here, it is allowed to bring food from outside, so you can bring things to organize parties at a very economical cost.

Address: 55 DT743A, Binh An, Di An, Binh Duong


Come to Binh An lake to enjoy the fresh nature

Like its name, coming to Binh An Lake you will enjoy the fresh air. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is likened to the green lung of Di An, which brings the best quality of life to Vietnamese people.

This is also an ideal resting place to attract many tourists when coming to Binh Duong. Although located next to the noisy and crowded Hanoi highway. But the space in Binh An lake is completely opposite.

The whole area is covered with green leaves. The cafe garden si is designed and built on the lake. The small roofs of coconut leaves lying on their side, silhouetted against the lake.

The road along the lake is covered with two rows of trees. Standing under the canopy of leaves in a quiet space, we can listen to the birds chirping. The space is so poetic and peaceful. Deep inside is a special dining area waiting for you. With a lot of delicious dishes are specialties of Binh Duong.

The plus point when coming to Binh An Lake that is enjoyed by many people is the fishing service at the lake. You will experience the feeling of fishing with extremely attractive prizes given by the organizers.

Binh An Lake is really an ideal resting place for everyone. Wish you have a nice trip and have interesting experiences.

Address: Binh An Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong.



Din Ky Lai Thieu green tourist area - Cau Ngang

Besides Lai Thieu fruit garden, Din Ky Lai Thieu - Cau Ngang tourist area is the perfect destination for eco-tourism. Bringing you moments of rest with family and friends every weekend.

Located next to the Saigon River, with an area of 3ha. Din Ky Lai Thieu Resort is inspired by green space, so every decorative detail, no matter how small, has the breath of the Southern river region.

From bags full of ripe fruit to swaying coconut bridges, to small canoes or old bamboo groves, dry straw mounds. All recreate the peaceful rural scene with fresh space, close to nature.

Here it seems that all the fatigue and worries of the outside life are erased. Only moments of peace remained. This Binh Duong eco-tourism area also has a system of fully equipped and modern hotels for you to spend the night.

Although the space is not too large, in return there is no lack of any form of entertainment. From the system of restaurants, hotels, amusement parks.

Many services are also free such as children's swimming pools of 1000m2 and 500m2. There are folding hammocks, father chairs, fishing, children's play area, many interesting and creative games. Din Ky is indeed an interesting destination to have fun and relax with family on the weekend.

Address: 2/94 Binh Nham Street 02, Binh Nham Ward, City. Thuan An, Binh Duong.


Phu An bamboo village is full of nature

Located in Ben Cat, Binh Duong province, Phu An bamboo village is not only known as the largest and earliest natural bamboo reserve in Vietnam. It is also an ideal green tourist destination for weekends.

Coming here, visitors will learn more than 1500 bamboo bushes. With many different species of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The place holds a record of more than 1,500 bamboo bushes with many different species.

The whole of Phu An is only bamboo and bamboo. Therefore, they will be very suitable for someone who has a nature-loving soul and wants to discover new and strange things.

Bamboo village is designed in an open space with two independent zones. It is the bamboo museum and research area. Everyone will learn how to grow bamboo, visit. And shop for products made from the original green bamboo when coming here.

Phu An bamboo village not only attracts science lovers to learn and research about the rich green bamboo ecosystem. It also attracts many people who love nature and like the peaceful silence.

Rarely is a place surrounded by an extremely fresh and airy atmosphere like this place. Stepping into the bamboo village campus, visitors seem lost in the peaceful countryside world. With the gentle breeze blowing bringing with it the soothing scent of plants and the chirping of birds…

All combined to create a simple but very loving picture. To have a complete trip, everyone should prepare insect protection gear. Because there are quite a few here and go on a nice day to take sunny photos for yourself.

Address: No. 124, Road 744, Phu An Commune, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province



Dau Tieng Lake - the largest artificial lake in Vietnam

As the "largest" artificial lake in Vietnam, the landscape here is not artificial. Dau Tieng Lake not only plays an important role in irrigation, but also coordinates water for the Saigon River.

This is also a tourist destination that attracts many tourists to Binh Duong. In fact, Dau Tieng Lake is also a famous tourist destination in Tay Ninh. But the lake stretches across all 3 areas of Tay Ninh along with Binh Duong and Binh Phuoc.

Most of the area is still located in Tay Ninh province. The lake has a charming landscape and a unique ecosystem. The landscape on both sides of the lake is poetic combined with the lake surface stretching over an area of 27,000 hectares.

Create a very dreamy scene. In the lake, there are more beautiful oases. This is an ideal place not only for nature lovers. But also for young people who like to take pictures, "virtual life".

Not only sightseeing, coming to this lake, visitors can also enjoy delicious food at Dau Tieng Lake resort located right next to the lake. With a menu of countless fish dishes, from salted and chili lentils, hotpot with lentils and others.

Because it has just been caught, every dish is fresh. It will be a paradise for tourists who are fanatics of fish.

Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day here. As soon as the sun fell on the lake surface, it was like wearing a new layer of clothes, very subtle and dreamy. If you don't come, what are you waiting for?

Address: Dau Tieng, Binh Duong


Places to visit Binh Duong have cultural and historical significance

Each region in our country has a history, a cultural beauty that creates its own identity. And when you come to a certain land besides discovering the natural beauty.

Then learning the history, human culture here will also bring you a lot of interesting. Although over the years, Binh Duong has sprouted up a lot of urban areas.

But this place still retains the beauty of the architecture of temples and churches. Create a spacious sightseeing space for visitors. Here are some destinations for you to refer to when traveling to Binh Duong.


Hoi Khanh Pagoda with unique architecture worth preserving

About 2 km from the center of Binh Duong province, Hoi Khanh Pagoda is probably the most prominent ancient temple in Binh Duong. Recognized as a national cultural and historical relic since 1993.

Hoi Khanh Pagoda is visited by many Buddhists to offer incense to the Buddha, visit the landscape with impressive architecture. Up to now, the temple has undergone many restorations. But still retain the intact beauty of architecture as well as precious antiques.

In the temple grounds, there are 4 impressive architectures, meaning related to the achievements of Buddha. These are Thi Nai Bridge, Loc Uyen Garden, Pi Ni Forest Garden, Bo De Trang area.

The 9-storey tower corresponding to the 9 deceased abbots - the tower of remembrance and gratitude - is located in the temple courtyard. This place also attracts tourists by the 52m-long, 12m-high statue of Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha entering nirvana.

Being seated at an altitude of 23m above the ground. In addition, coming to Hoi Khanh Pagoda, visitors can also discover meaningful couplets and poems.

Entering the temple, people will clearly feel the quiet meditation space, the feeling of peace. Visitors can visit Khanh Hoi pagoda on any occasion of the year. However, it is advisable to go to the temple on major holidays such as Buddha's Birthday and Vu Lan.

This is also the time when Hoi Khanh Pagoda attracts a lot of tourists from everywhere. At this point, everyone should be careful and avoid breaking the rules of the temple. As well as remember to record memories.

Address: No. 35 Yersin Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong


Ba Thien Hau Pagoda is famous for the Ba palanquin procession festival

Talking about the famous tourist destinations in Binh Duong, it is impossible to ignore Ba Thien Hau pagoda. Also known as Ba Binh Duong Pagoda.

It is a famous spiritual tourist destination and attracts tourists today. This temple was built by a Chinese. The purpose is to worship the Goddess Thien Hau Thanh Mau. Visiting Ba Pagoda, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful and pure scenery.

But also to pray for peace and luck and participate in the festival with many exciting activities. The most famous of which is still the Ba palanquin procession festival, which is held on a very large scale and monumental.

Coming to Ba Thien Hau Pagoda, visitors can admire the unique architecture of the pagoda consisting of three rows. In which the middle area is the main hall and the two side houses are West and East Lang.

The main hall is roofed with yin and yang tiles and the embossed lines are decorated with beautiful shapes. On both sides of the road are statues sculpted according to typical Chinese architecture.

Not only with unique architecture, Ba Pagoda also attracts tourists with the procession of Ba Thien Hau. This is one of the biggest festivals in Binh Duong province.


It takes place every year on the night of the 14th to the 15th of January. At this time, Ba Thien Mau Pagoda is lavishly decorated with flags and lanterns everywhere.

Festivals are an opportunity to create connections and bring spirituality into people's lives. In addition, it is also an opportunity for people to have fun and entertain themselves in a religious atmosphere imbued with cultural traditions.

Address: 4 Nguyen Du, Phu Cuong, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong


Phu Cuong Church - the most beautiful cathedral in Binh Duong

Although in Binh Duong, there are not too many beautiful and famous landscapes like other provinces. However, there are still very interesting, attractive and unique destinations here.

Among them, it is impossible to mention Phu Cuong Church, one of the most famous spiritual places with beautiful and outstanding architecture in Binh Duong. Visitors when passing through this land, feel surprised. Because of the size and impressive appearance of this place.

Built on a mound at the intersection of 6 in the center of Phu Cuong ward. Thu Dau Mot city, always crowded and bustling every day.

The prime location, unique architecture and large cathedral are the highlights when visiting Phu Cuong Cathedral. With the style of Western mosques, Phu Cuong Cathedral has an elegant white and gray main color tone. The sanctuary space with a 41m high dome can accommodate hundreds of seats.

Above the cathedral are colorful glass windows and eye-catching motifs. On Christmas or other major holidays, the whole church is shimmering and brilliant under the lights.

Along with that, there are vibrant cultural activities to welcome the birth of Christ. When coming to this famous church, visitors can freely check-in a beautiful virtual life.

Address: 394 August Revolution, Phu Cuong City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Chau Thoi Pagoda - where many mysterious stories are hidden

Chau Thoi Pagoda becomes a beautiful masterpiece when perched on a small mountain top. Surrounded by deep pools because the mountains are quarried.

At the foot of the mountain is a large lake with a large, straight plain. With an altitude of hundreds of meters, it is very easy for people in Binh Duong and some areas in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai. Just standing at home can see the temple.

Not only is the oldest temple in Binh Duong, but the pagoda also has a unique and sharp architectural space. People coming here also have the opportunity to pray for health and money.

Chau Thoi Pagoda is associated with many rumors, in addition to the rumor of praying for a very sacred love. Then this place is mentioned a lot by the stone "Divine". On the 170th step when going up to the temple, visitors come across a large stone. Always smoke incense in the middle of the aisle.


People call the stone "Mr Ta", the god who keeps the temple door. Legend has it that when making a road to build a ladder to the temple, people had to dig a lot of stone to block the way to widen the path.

But this stone alone is still as inert as a statue, it will not fall in any way, even if it is blasted. At that time, the abbot allowed the passage to widen and the road in front of the three gates was concreted. If you have the opportunity to come to Binh Duong, try to visit and explore this place.

Address: National Highway 1K, Di An town, Binh Duong


Relic of Phu Loi Prison Binh Duong

Binh Duong is famous for its large industrial parks, resorts and beautiful landscapes. But the historical sites here always have a sacred place. Phu Loi Prison Binh Duong is such a place. Known as one of the six largest prisons in the South.

The main purpose of construction was to rule those who opposed the My Wei government at that time. Also known as "hell on earth", is a historical witness to the crimes of the French colonialists and the American Wei government.

The prison was built right next to the military base area with a total area of about 12 hectares. The first number of prisoners they brought to Phu Loi was 4 women.

And about 100 men, by the end of 1958 that increased to 6,000 prisoners. Before the harsh regime and the tricks of both terror and demagogy. Scenes of brutal torture and torture. And the climax was the addition of poison to the prisoners' diets (November 30, 1958). Poisoned thousands of prisoners.

Before that barbaric act, the prisoners under the leadership of the Party organization broke the roof of the prison. Occupy radio station, use corrugated iron sheets rolled into loudspeakers to denounce.

The incident spread widely, causing a wave of anger not only in the country but also around the world. Finally, Phu Loi Prison was forced to disband in 1964.

Coming here, young people will have the opportunity to understand more about the hardships and sacrifices of previous generations. Just like the crimes committed by the invaders to our compatriots, our people.

To know how lucky and happy today's young generation is. To know that we need to try and make more efforts to preserve and develop the country.

Address: December 1st, Phu Loi Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Binh Duong tourism lives virtual in super quality coffee shops

Binh Duong is also referred to as "Binh Duong New City". As the brain, the heart is the center of the province. To serve the needs of people, especially young people and tourists, in addition to shopping and food centers.

Then there are also a few beautiful and unique cafes for you to sip, chat with friends and give you beautiful pictures. Here are the super quality virtual coffee shops in Binh Duong.


Wind & Water Cafe - the most unique cafe in Vietnam

Unlike many other cafes, Wind and Nuoc Cafe is always unique, the best in Binh Duong no matter how many times you come. For those who come for the first time, they are surprised by the unique and eye-catching architecture of the restaurant.

So it's no wonder that this cafe has won many awards from the Vietnamese and international Association of Architects.

True to the name of the restaurant, coming here you will enjoy a green space. Combined from wind, trees and water, away from the daily hustle and bustle.

The building uses wind energy and the cooling capacity of water to form a natural air conditioner. And one more plus point for the shop is that all the materials for the design of the shop are from bamboo shoots.

With the number of up to 7,000 trees, environmentally friendly. The whole restaurant does not have a concrete column or support. The V-shaped roof is linked by thousands of trees, creating an open space.

In the middle of the space is an artificial lake. Using the black stone effect on the bottom of the lake gives the viewer a very deep feeling. The position to enjoy the coffee is arranged lower than the water surface to enjoy the cool breeze coming from the lake.

Drinks at the bar have delicious taste, the price is not too expensive, suitable for young people's pocket. Such a great space to enjoy coffee will be really regrettable. If you do not record in your Binh Duong travel experience.

Address: No. 6/28T Area 3 Phu Tho, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong


Cafe Hoang Cung

You want to take a break from modern life for a while. Come to a beautiful cafe in Binh Duong with nostalgic style - Cafe Hoang Cung. True to the name of the shop, everything here is subtly elegant.

From the arched gate roof, red roof, the columns are all made of wood. As far as the green groves, they clearly represent an architectural style of Hue court in the past.

The space inside is spacious, creating an airy feeling by the shade of ancient trees. Coming to Cafe Hoang Cung, you will feel like you are lost in the royal place where the nobles used to live.

That is also the reason why Hoang Cung Quan becomes especially impressive to the locals of Binh Duong and tourists from far away.

Each house here is designed in the style of the ancient palace. The shop has Nguyet Vong Tra which is the most beautiful place, usually to enjoy tea. Cafe Hoang Cung will be an extremely ideal place for those who love quiet space, like to talk or enjoy tea ceremony.

Besides the famous teas of Hue royal court, the shop also has many other unique services. Coming to Cafe Hoang Cung, you will enjoy the green space. Being in harmony with nature, makes the soul become more relaxed and optimistic.

Address: 45 Tran Binh Trong, Phu Tho Ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Lau Dai Pho cafe

Almost everyone has a childhood dream of becoming a prince or princess living in a magnificent castle. And Castle Land - Castle Land Coffee in Binh Duong is an address to help you realize that dream.

Located right next to Him Lam urban area, Lau Dai Pho cafe was built on a large land fund. Inspired by the architecture of classic houses in distant England with bright red orange tiles. Arriving at Pho Castle, you will feel like you are lost in a colorful fairy tale.

The entrance to the restaurant is creatively paved with cobblestone. The two sides of the wall use cobblestone material to create a cool feeling. Step inside Castle Street, you'll be sure to be overwhelmed by the vast space.

There are many trees, tables and chairs, waterfalls and flowers. Divided into many areas, the miniatures are decorated very vividly. This place is extremely suitable for families, young people to meet, chat or work.

Address: Tran Thi Vung, Him Lam Phu Dong Residential Area, An Binh Ward, Di An, Binh Duong.


Cafe Vuon Uom

With a space of flowers and flowers quite romantic, not noisy, very private. Cafe Vuon Uom is the ideal place for you to meet people. The restaurant is designed in Korean style, so the space is quite cute.

Each area inside Cafe Vuon Uom is invested with green trees. Brings a feeling of harmony with nature. Use transparent glass panels to form a noise barrier. Creates a very open view to the outside, just having natural sunlight in.

The space is spacious, airy and has many beautiful frames for us to admire and take pictures. In addition, you can also admire the green plants that have been decorated in glass vases.

Decorated in every corner of the shop and the music is currently being loved by young people. Sitting here, sipping a favorite drink, admiring the surroundings. And chatting with friends is a great experience.

Address: 59 N7 Street, Phu Hoa Residential Area, Phu Hoa Ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Dinh Hoa Garden - miniature Dalat in Binh Duong

Located 20km from Saigon, Dinh Hoa Garden is not just a cafe. It is a garden in the middle of a pine forest, a miniature Dalat in the middle of Binh Duong. The space here is covered by blue with many different green patches. Together with the fresh air, you will always feel cool even at midday.


The unique system of tables and chairs built on trees will bring you an interesting feeling. From here you will have a panoramic view of the restaurant, enjoy watching the streets.

In addition, the shop also has an aquarium, swings and a play area for the little ones. With its gentle and poetic beauty, many people come here to chat, read or concentrate on work.

The menu of the restaurant with drinks costs from 20.000 - 50.000 VND / person. There are also light snacks available.

In the middle of a Binh Duong with large industrial zones, high-rise buildings and busy roads. It's rare to find a place like Dinh Hoa Garden.

If you are a lover of Da Lat, at the same time like the feeling of sitting and drinking coffee on the mezzanine. Or go through the swaying wooden rope bridges, you should not miss this destination.

Address: DX 082, Dinh Hoa, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Cat Cafe

In Binh Duong, there is a very interesting cafe called Cat cafe. You've probably never experienced it before. The special thing here is not that the drinks are so great.

It is because of the design of space, it will not be stone or brick but instead sand. Imagine how wonderful it would be to sit and sip some coffee with all the sand underneath.

Address: 4/4 Dinh Bo Linh, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong.

The above suggestions help you to choose a beautiful cafe in Binh Duong.

Wish you have the most comfortable moments with family and friends.


The entertainment places in Binh Duong at night

Binh Duong is a harmonious blend of vibrant and peaceful life. Peaceful during the day, and vibrant at night. If you decide to spend the night in Binh Duong but don't know what to do in the evening, it is a pity.

So what to play in Binh Duong at night to be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere here? We will suggest you some of the best places to eat and drink.


Bach Dang Night Market and Night Street

This is specifically for young people at night, not only combining shopping and eating but also participating in many different games. Compared to other night markets, Binh Duong night market is quite large.

With spacious space, modern infrastructure, open from 17h00 to 23h30. With more than 300 stalls from clothes, cosmetics, shoes... For you to freely choose your favorite items. And also do not forget to enjoy the specialties of the South.

Night market is also one of the features of Binh Duong industrial land. Helping people who work during the day can shop and relax after a hard day's work. This is also considered an ideal place for tourists to learn about the culture and life of Binh Duong people.

After sightseeing at the marina or shopping, walking is done. People can go to the food court with dishes from Asia to Europe all gathered here with more than 18 stalls arranged widely. Around is a lawn with rows of tables arranged freely. Ready for you to choose a satisfactory seat.

Address: Bach Dang Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.



Roundabout 6 Binh Duong

Roundabout 6 Binh Duong is a point that is too familiar to young people. Is a crowded and bustling street of Thu Dau Mot. It is the intersection of the two busiest streets, Yesin and August Revolution.

Moreover, this is also the location of Phu Cuong Church - the famous Cathedral Church is the most beautiful in Binh Duong. In the evening, going to Junction 6 to play is extremely cool.

Junction 6 has become a gathering place for many young people. At Junction 6 you can roller skate in the park with your friends. Take a walk with your loved one on the bustling streets, feel the city's nightlife.

And admire the shimmering beauty of the lights. You can also sit and chat with friends over a glass of bean milk with pepper cake, sticky rice, and bread. Or you can visit a nearby cafe to sip a cup of coffee and watch the lively street.


Suggest new selfie places in Binh Duong

Tips for virtual living places in Binh Duong that should not be missed:


Binh Duong New City Park

Located in the New City campus, intended to be the new administrative center of Binh Duong province. To replace the existing Thu Dau Mot city. Invested on a large scale, built according to Singapore standards with a style close to nature. Binh Duong New City Park is like a new breeze, giving the city a youthful and modern look.

Here, shops have also sprung up like mushrooms, and the new city park is also mentioned as a non-dead corner check-in location. Promising to be an attractive and large-scale entertainment, entertainment and picnic place in the future.

The park is the place to blend all the most beautiful things of nature and the country. The trees stretch along the walking path, the green natural lake is surrounded by young green grass.

And certainly not to mention the beautiful beauty of the water music park. Along the decorated streets are very sparkling and eye-catching. All is a harmonious combination of beauty, the freshness of nature with modern and high-class. Make the central park the embodiment of Binh Duong new city.

You should come here in May, which is also the blooming season of long flowers, you will be able to see a beautiful area full of flowers. Boys and girls also capture this beautiful moment to preserve their youth.

Address: Hung Vuong Street, Ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Aeon mall Binh Duong

As one of the shopping brands launched in Vietnam not long ago. Aeon Mall has always had a strange allure. Aeon Mall is no longer strange to many people.

When this place is not only a busy shopping and dining paradise. It is also an attractive entertainment place for family, friends, tourists to visit and take pictures.

With an extremely impressive design space, everything is always designed in Japanese style. Courteous, polite but no less luxurious. What's more interesting when in a short trip that you can combine sightseeing, shopping and experiencing many attractions.

The world of food here is full, with dishes with many styles from Korea to Japan but at very affordable prices. Don't forget to take the time to check in all the cute little corners at Aeon Mall. Especially on holidays like Christmas and International Children's Day.


Address: No. 1 Binh Duong Boulevard, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong.


Midori Park

Midori Park is an emerging destination not to be missed if you have the opportunity to visit Binh Duong. It owns a green space with many beautiful scenes, suitable for interesting outdoor activities.

Midori Park is a perfect combination between a park and a townhouse project. Prominent in the design of Midori Park is the Japanese-style garden space.

With a gentle design, visitors will feel peaceful when coming here. Midori Park interweaves elements of lake, trees, sand, rocks and miniature houses.

There are more than 40 species of trees and flowers blooming throughout the four seasons. It is an ideal place for people to camp, organize team building or picnic with family and friends on the weekend.

Address: Phu Chanh, Tan Uyen, Binh Duong.


Travel to Binh Duong with the most memorable experiences

Dai Nam

As we introduced above, indeed if you stop by to visit Binh Duong. Then there is no shortage of attractive places for you to visit and have fun. Each destination gives you a different experience and feeling.

There is a place that brings you happy, healthy and youthful emotions. Some places take you into a peaceful, quiet world. And all are worth your visit.

And surely with your little time, you will choose the most ideal destinations to have the best vacation. Here are the best experiences that you must definitely try in your upcoming Binh Duong trip.

If tourists come to Da Nang to travel, they will definitely visit Ba Na Hill - the way to heaven. Dai Nam is the most famous tourist area in Binh Duong.

It is the largest amusement park in Southeast Asia. Only about 40km from Saigon, so it will be very convenient to ride a motorbike here. This place seems great if people go on the weekend for the purpose of fun and relaxation.

Having come to Dai Nam, you must definitely take a bath, immerse yourself in the water to feel the coolness it brings. After bathing, you can experience with more than 40 games of all levels.

From casual to thrilling games. Binh Duong travel experience is that everyone should go in groups, the fun will increase 10 times. Therefore, when traveling to Dai Nam, you should go in groups to have more allies. Thus, the fun and interesting atmosphere will increase many times.


Visiting a traditional craft village

Binh Duong is not only famous for many tourist sites and attractive attractions. It is also known for many long-standing traditional craft villages.


This is also the cradle of the Southern handicraft village. Especially, Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer craft has been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.

With the starting point of the agricultural economy. So each village in Binh Duong seems to be associated with a different craft village. The craft village of Thu Dau Mot carving and sculpture, the pottery village in Lai Thieu, the black bamboo and rattan craft village in Tan Uyen, the clog-making village in Thuan An and the incense-making village in Di An.

Going through those craft villages will feel more love than people and country. Because around us, there are still many good things, the beauty that seems to have been lost over time.


Join the festivities

In Binh Duong, there is a rather special festival that is still mentioned by many people as the free festival. It is only known that this is one of the beauties of the Ba Thien Hau pagoda festival that takes place in the full moon season of the first lunar month. It is heartwarming when guests coming here to visit the temple are free from A-Z services.

Like fixing a car, taking a motorbike taxi, incense, drinking water and even food.


Binh Duong delicacies absolutely cannot be ignored

As a food fan, you will not be able to miss these delicious dishes:


Banh beo - a cake of more than 100 years old in Binh Duong

If you have the opportunity to go to Lai Thieu to play, you often hear about a dish that has been around for more than 100 years. But the Saigon people often go to change the wind, that is the cake of beo bread.


Why this simple-sounding, ordinary dish. But in fact, it is very unique, different from the banh beo of Hue or the people of Quang.

Instead of the filling is a mixture of shrimp, pork and flour, Binh Duong has a strange variation. Each beautiful, white piece of cake is spread with green beans on a plate.

Cover with a layer of skin mixed with lean minced meat, add greens of raw vegetables and chopped cucumber. Before eating, you will sprinkle on sweet and sour sauce, mixed with radish and grated carrot. Add a spoonful of minced chili, it looks attractive.

That's why the taste of this banh beo dish is also different from the ones you've tried. Do Thi Kieng is the first person to think of this cake and is also the founder of the My Lien banh beo brand. The store was opened at home near Bung market in An Thanh town, Thuan An, Binh Duong by Mrs. Thai Thi Tuyet, the 4th generation in the family.

The attractiveness of My Lien dumplings also lies in the way the dipping sauce is mixed. When eating, guests just need to pour the dipping sauce on the plate of banh beo to have a unique taste.

That's why people still like to find Binh Duong to enjoy. Especially those who used to eat this dish. In addition to banh beo, diners coming here can choose from noodles, rolls, spring rolls, and spring rolls that are equally attractive.

Later, the shop also expanded to An Phu bamboo village. It is very convenient for guests to come here to visit and then drop in immediately to try it.

Address: Near Bung market, An Thanh, Thuan An, Binh Duong


Grilled beef with tile - delicious dish that shakes young people

Walking on Cach Mang Thang 8 road, you see smoke rising all the way. Then don't forget to stop by a shop to enjoy delicious grilled beef with tile that makes young people wobble.

Unlike any other grilled dish, grilled beef with tile is special in that it retains its aroma after being grilled. At the same time, it has a very special taste because the beef is cooked thanks to the heat of the burning tile on the stove.


Grilled beef does not need to add grease because there is already a thin layer of fat on the beef package. When meeting the fire, the fat will help keep the meat from sticking and burning.

Eating grilled beef with tile cannot be without rice paper and herbs to dip it in with seasoning sauce. The sweetness of beef, the acrid taste of banana, the sour taste of star fruit and the aroma of seasoning fish sauce.

Make visitors come here want to eat forever. You can probably find this in several places. But in Binh Duong, it is always the best and retains the most special flavor.

  • 5 Phuoc Grilled Beef: 1335 CMT8, Phu Tho Ward, Thu Dau Mot.
  • Hang Dua Grilled Beef: 29/44 CMT8, Phu Tho Ward, Thu Dau Mot
  • Hotpot and Grilled Tile Restaurant: 119 Le Hong Phong, Phu Loi Ward, Thu Dau Mot.


Fruits - attraction from the Southeast region

Although Mekong delta is famous for fruits. But the only fruit in Binh Duong that bears fruit all year round is Lai Thieu fruit garden. Coming here, you can not only enjoy seeing all kinds of eyes but also eat until you are full.

With special fruits such as durian, bon bon, jackfruit and even mangosteen.

Lai Thieu fruit garden is a "combination" of many small and scattered fruit gardens. From An Thanh, Vinh Phu to An Son, Hung Dinh with an area of up to 1,200 ha. Lai Thieu fruit garden is very large, so if you go to a crowded garden and see all kinds of things, just stop by.

  • Be Hai Garden: 93 KP. Hung Tho, Hung Dinh commune, Thuan An
  • Ba Tam Garden: 83 KP. Hung Tho, Hung Dinh commune, Thuan An


Shrimp vermicelli in Chau Truc village - unforgettable rustic flavor

The most famous and delicious shrimp vermicelli in Binh Duong can only be mentioned in Chau Truc Region. The unique feature of this dish lies in the extremely unique way of making vermicelli. Shrimp vermicelli does not use commercially available vermicelli.

But the seller works directly on the spot when a customer comes in. So the noodles here are small, soft and clear, with a rich broth flavor. Mixed with firm, fresh shrimp and fragrant onions.

When eating shrimp vermicelli, it must be served with grilled rice paper to taste the full flavor. Try once to enjoy a bowl of shrimp vermicelli - known as the specialty of this land.

This is also what we all look forward to. Perhaps, in each person's travel journey, the impression not only comes from the beautiful scenery but also the sophistication of the cuisine.

Address: Chau Truc Village, Phu My District, Binh Duong Province.


Fried chicken with sticky rice – the quintessence of cuisine

Fried chicken with sticky rice is a dish that many people choose when coming to Binh Duong.


The puffed sticky rice is round and big, the intestines are hollow, and the yellow is delicious. Impress many people without taking their eyes off. Fragrant golden roasted chicken with fried puffed sticky rice is an extremely attractive combination that is irresistible.

It is also the pride of the locals from a rustic dish that is still not lacking in sophistication. To make this dish, local people will use sticky rice. Mix with ingredients and then fry until golden crispy.

The ingredients for making sticky rice are glutinous rice, combined with many different types of beans. Can be green beans, peanuts, sticky rice gac, sticky rice chrysanthemum.

Chickens must be chickens that we have grown in the garden, so that when grilled, they have a strong aroma and taste. To make the fried chicken with sticky rice more delicious and not boring.

People prepare a cup of chili garlic fish sauce and add some green vegetables. Having one bite will make you want to eat another. You will easily find this dish on the menu of many restaurants in Thu Dau Mot, Di An or Thuan An.


Mangosteen salad - Lai Thieu specialty dish

Going to Binh Duong without enjoying the mangosteen salad is a mistake. Therefore, you should visit Binh Duong from mid-April to the end of June so that you have the opportunity to enjoy mangosteen salad.

Because the mangosteen season only appears for about 3 months, you should try it once. Not just a nutritious, delicious fruit. Mangosteen is also processed into a variety of dishes. In which, salad is a dish that many diners love.

The local people like the most is chicken salad, the chicken is boiled and then torn into small pieces. Mixing with the whole thinly sliced mangosteen will give the taste of sour and sour salad, eat until the intestines cool.

Although it looks simple, to actually create a plate of mangosteen chicken salad needs to go through quite complicated stages. How to reduce pus in bamboo shoots, but not darken, keep the beautiful white color, there is a secret.

  • Chieu Nay Quan: 1045 Le Hong Phong, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.
  • Ancient Garden: An Thanh N12, An Thanh, Thuan An, Binh Duong.
  • Mango Garden at Phu Van 4 intersection: Alley 1027 Le Hong Phong Street, Thu Dau 1 City, Binh Duong.
  • Binh Nham Bamboo Garden Restaurant: Binh Nham Street 81, KP. Binh Duc, Thuan An, Binh Duong.


Beef hot pot dipped in fish sauce is attractive from the taste

Referring to Binh Duong specialties, it is impossible not to mention the famous beef hot pot with special flavor. But perhaps looking around Saigon, I can't find any place that sells beef dipped in fish sauce with such great flavor as here.

With the rich flavor of fish sauce and the aroma of lemongrass and fat. In cold weather, enjoying this dish is nothing like. The beef is sliced thinly and then dipped in a pot of hot pot to eat with a cup of ready-made mixed fish sauce.

Who doesn't like the smell of shrimp paste eat right away. Those who are already addicted will only be infatuated for life.

  • Beef Dipped in Mam Ruoc 8 Con: 720 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Chanh Nghia, Thu Dau Mot.
  • Beef hot pot restaurant: 285/83 April 30 Street (Cay Incense Crossroads), Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Specialty as gifts for Binh Duong tourism is above all excellent

In Binh Duong, there are not many specialties as gifts. But in return, there are specialties that are not only famous in the region but also throughout the Southeast provinces. Coming to Binh Duong, famous for its culinary gifts, there are fruits, salt-roasted cashews and Lai Thieu spring rolls.


Salt roasted cashews

Cashew nut is a famous specialty of Vietnam in the world. Binh Duong salt roasted cashew is also famous for a long time. Because the cashews here are firm, delicious and have high nutritional content.


Often people buy as gifts or to eat in the family a lot. Because of the outstanding advantages that it brings to human health such as preventing cancer, good for the brain and also beautifying the skin.

Coming to Binh Duong, you can freely choose from a wide variety of products made from cashew nuts. From white, silk to golden, all broken.

Cashews here are processed by hand, so they keep the fat, fleshy and a little salty taste in each cashew nut. This is a very meaningful gift for parents, grandparents. Or you can bring it home to sip in your spare time or treat guests on New Year's Day.

  • Ba Tam Cashew Production Facility: No. 743/18 CMT8, KP10, Chanh Nghia Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot.
  • Cashew Nut Production Facility Ba 7: CMT8, Phu Cuong Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


Garden fruits

Traveling to Binh Duong without visiting the fruit garden to buy as gifts is a pity. With countless fruit gardens stretching and many attractive varieties to help you spoiled for choice. And don't forget to buy mangosteen. Because mangosteen is considered as the "king fruit" in the Southeast region.


Among the fruits in Binh Duong, mangosteen is still known as the king of fruits. Mangosteen varieties are grown in this land, due to alluvial deposition. Should have a sweet, fresh taste and softer pulp than other regions. People can visit famous fruit gardens to visit and buy as gifts for their families.

  • Lai Thieu fruit garden: Thuan An town, Binh Duong.
  • Thanh Tuyen fruit garden: Suoi Cat hamlet, Thanh Tuyen commune, Dau Tieng, Binh Duong
  • Bach Dang pomelo garden: Tan Uyen town, Binh Duong


Lai Thieu spring rolls

If you want to enjoy a little sweet, salty and sour taste. Then enjoy Lai Thieu spring rolls, one of the most famous spring rolls in the Southeast region.

When you want to have a couple of cups to confide in with friends but don't want to be fussy, this dish is also delicious. It is so delicious that Saigon people are not afraid to ride motorbikes home to enjoy.

Lai Thieu spring rolls are famous in the Southeast region. Same formula as in other regions. But Lai Thieu spring rolls give a very different flavor. Nem has a light pink color, although it is not as dark pink as spring rolls in other places.

But biting on the tip of the tongue will feel numb and want to eat more. Try to buy it as a gift for your family and friends to experience together.

Address: Lai Thieu spring rolls, 80 DT745, Lai Thieu town, Thuan An.


Notes when visiting Binh Duong tourist attractions

To start your journey, you always need to prepare everything to have the best experience. If you ride a motorbike or a car, remember to have your car serviced before you go.

And do not forget to always obey the rules when participating in traffic. In addition, you need to bring all kinds of personal documents including ID card, car sleeper and driving license. So that I can always be proactive in all cases such as booking a room or renting a motorbike.

Binh Duong is mainly water parks, eco-tourism areas, temples and pagodas. Therefore, avoid wearing high heels. Instead, choose for yourself low-soled shoes, canvas shoes for convenience in moving as well as playing. And don't forget to bring sunscreen and your lovely hat to have fun but still look beautiful.



Hopefully with Binh Duong travel experiences will help you get useful information. Wish you will have happy trips with your family and friends when coming to Binh Duong!

Questions related to Binh Duong tourism

When should you travel to Binh Duong?

The most ideal time is from May to August. At this time, the fruit gardens in Binh Duong are in the harvest season, which is worth experiencing.


What to eat in Binh Duong?

Banh beo skin, Grilled beef with tile, Fruits, Shrimp noodles in Chau Truc village, Roasted chicken with sticky rice, Mangosteen salad, ...


What specialties can be bought as gifts?

Are you wondering what to buy as a gift for your loved one? Do not ignore the following suggestions: Roasted salted cashews, fruits, Lai Thieu spring rolls, ...

See you in the next trip.

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