All Thing you need to know before traveling to Ho Tram Vung Tau

Tuesday, 22/11/2022, 15:33 GMT+7

It is not boring to ride motorbikes from Saigon to Vung Tau every weekend just to watch the sea, recharge vitamin C with fresh seafood dishes. And that time, I chose Ho Tram Vung Tau, a destination that is still relatively unspoiled but is known by many people in the society that loves to move.

I have dedicated a separate article to launch and synthesize some of the self-sufficient Ho Tram travel experiences: What to play, where to eat. Sometimes "changing the wind" is also ideal and very much looking forward to, isn't it?

Ho Tram is a place that is not really known by many people, but also becomes feverish because of its wild beauty. That is also a special thing because Vung Tau is known as a lively tourist city.

Ho Tram is not yet a coastline, it is simply a floating coastline connecting Binh Chau and Long Hai districts. Ho Tram has only been heard of in recent years, but has turned into an interesting tourist destination.


There are many reasons for people to travel to Ho Tram after visiting Vung Tau beach.

+ Firstly, it is probably a place not far from Vung Tau, it only takes about 20 minutes to drive a motorbike and is located on the golden highway of the Ho Chi Minh - Long Thanh - Dau Giay. From Long Thanh International Airport to Ho Tram, it only takes about 60 minutes to leave.

+ Second, Ho Tram possesses a primeval forest known to many people as Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu, which is praised as a "green lung" that brings fresh air to escape. In particular, Binh Chau primeval forest makes a choice destination chosen by many young people for their Ho Tram travel itinerary.

+ Third, Ho Tram's coastline is known to many people as pristine, clean and beautiful, which is assessed by CNNGo as one of the most perfect and absolutely beautiful unspoiled beaches in the world.


How far is it from Vung Tau to Ho Tram?

Vung Tau City is located 40 km east of Ho Tram Coast. The transfer time between these two tourist attractions is about 50 minutes. Will be suitable for those who want to come back in the day.

From Saigon to Vung Tau, it only takes 2-3 hours, but it takes about 30 minutes to get to Ho Tram by motorbike from Vung Tau. Leaving the bustling tourist streets of the coastal city, finding a little peace of Ho Tram, The location is bestowed by nature for a quiet and easy space to make people fall in love.

Recommend for taxi transfer Ho Chi Minh to Vung tau 

From Saigon, if you want to go to Ho Tram, it is most convenient to go by motorbike, which can both save the price and you can stop by each place a little bit. However, if it feels appropriate, you can also take a bus to Vung Tau, then rent a motorbike to move to Ho Tram.

  • From 1A Avenue, go back to Dong Nai Bridge direction, then ask for directions to turn towards Avenue 51
  • Go straight for another 100km, you will reach the area of ​​Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, follow the 55th Avenue to Xuyen Moc.
  • Find the Ba To market, attentive will feel a signpost back to Ho Tram - Ho Coc

Recommend for Vietnam car rental Ho Chi Minh to Ho Tram

This is a route for motorbikes or individual cars, but if you choose to go by bus, there will be many routes in the day to Vung Tau, the price is about 100.000 VND / ticket.

And if you want to be more comfortable, you will also be able to choose to take a luxury passenger car, the Limousine form is about 200.000 VND more expensive.

Note: Vung Tau wants to go to Ho Tram, it takes another 30 minutes by motorbike. Therefore, you should pay attention to choosing between motorbikes and passenger cars, in terms of value, the two cars are equal.

If you want to go more location to visit the beautiful sights, choosing a motorbike is still the most convenient.



When Is The Best Time To Visit Ho Tram?

The weather in Vung Tau is quite similar to Saigon, erratic rain and sunshine but also divided into 2 distinct seasons. A dry season starts from November to April, the rainy season from May to October.

It turns out to be quite the opposite for the central provinces. If you have ever traveled to Southeast Asia, you will know that from March to September is the sunny season, and from October to February next year is the rainy season.

Although there must be 2 distinct rainy and dry seasons every year, in all seasons, you will be able to travel to the sea, not like in the Central region, because Vung Tau is crowded with no more storms and floods.

We always feel that we can arrange the deadline, we must be able to travel to Vung Tau. Each season must have its own beauty, here the sun is warm all year round, so sea tourism is absolutely perfect.

Compared to most of us young people who love to learn, just like they will "pick up the car immediately" to relieve the stress of life because here in the tourist seasons, Ho Tram will bring a beauty of its own.


Accommodation Recommended In Ho Tram Vung Tau

There are so many choices when you enjoyed traveling to Ho Tram and stayed overnight at this place. In this place, the hotel system is very advanced in development. 
But it is important to find a comfortable, comfortable place to sleep that is reasonable in value. If you have ever traveled to Vung Tau, you will know, the price at the hotel is quite expensive, especially on holidays, the value is even higher.

Because Ho Tram is a popular choice destination known for its pristine and charming scenery, it is ideal for young people to come here to have fun and swim.

And most individuals are self-sufficient, so choosing a hotel is also quite noticeable. Because it's not a vacation style, choose accommodation that is clean, comfortable, and doesn't need to be expensive.

Ho Tram Tourism has many choices of Accommodation for all of us from luxury resorts to affordable guesthouses.

Location: Ho Tram, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc

Rent: 300,000 VND/night

Location: 168 Ho Tram, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc

Rent: 380,000 VND/night

Location: Ho Tram, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc

Rent: 550,000 VND/night

Location: 208 April 27, Phuoc Buu, Xuyen Moc

Rent: 300,000 VND/night

These are some of the hotels with 1-2 star quality, with no shortage of amenities that are very suitable for staying here. Most of those hotels no longer have breakfast and need to be self-sufficient. In addition, 3-star hotels have nicer rooms and breakfast, so the price is also more expensive, from 500,000 VND-800,000 VND/night.

Ho Tram is also the summoning location of luxury resorts, with the criteria from 4-5 stars, which is ideal for those who are in need of a true vacation for themselves.

Some of the resorts are highly rated, promising to bring visitors absolutely perfect experiences such as The Grand Ho Tram Strip, Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa, Carmelina Beach resort. Of course, the price to stay overnight at these locations is not less than 1 million/day.

On the contrary, if we do not want to spend a lot on staying in Ho Tram, we can all still choose to stay in homestays, although not as many as in Vung Tau, but also ensure a comfortable and relaxing place to stay. comfortable and there is no shortage of beautiful virtual living corners.

- The Grand Ho Tram Strip is one of the top 5 resorts in Ho Tram. It is a resort equipped with no shortage of amenities, a modern and relaxing system. Location: Coastal, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria - Vung Tau. Phone: 0254 3788 888

- Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa is Ho Tram's best rated getaway. Couples often "favor" to choose that location more than other resorts. Location: Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria - Vung Tau. Phone: 0254 3781 525.

- Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort has a beautiful location next to Ho Tram beach. Features a contemporary design style design featuring special mminibar rooms. Location: Coastal, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria - Vung Tau. Phone: 0254 3789 000 VND.

- Carmelina Beach Resort has a full range of service models. Nice place, with 2 swimming pools outside and a private beach location. At this place, visitors can enjoy Western dishes and famous Vietnamese specialties. Location: Coastal, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria - Vung Tau. Phone: 0254 3779 977

- Villa Sapphire Ho Tram has an average price of 500,000 - 900,000 VND / room / night depending on the location of each room. The layout of the rooms at the Villa is extremely beautiful and classy and luxurious, designed in the style of 12 rooms with all kinds of comfortable equipment. 

Location: DT328, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria - Vung Tau. Phone: 0254 3782 222

Note: Most of the hotel reception rooms in Vung Tau or Ho Tram increase during each holiday and New Year. If you plan to travel during this time, remember to book your room in advance.

The rental price is likely to increase by 20-30 or 50%, which is completely understandable because Vung Tau is known to be the hottest tourist destination in Vietnam.



What to eats in Ho Tram Vung Tau?

According to self-sufficient travel experience in Ho Tram, there are two most special things here: beautiful scenery and food. Ho Tram is known as the paradise of sea tourism, so coming here does not change to enjoy seafood.

Although there are not many popular popular specialties, in return, seafood is very popular with tourists. Shrimp, crab, squid are caught in the sea and processed immediately, so they are extremely fresh and have a strong sea flavor.

Seafood is sold in many restaurants, but if you want to travel on the economical side, you can also go to the sea to buy fresh seafood and ask them to process it. Or bring your own barbecue to the sea, enjoying while watching the sea will be much more fun.

If you want to buy fresh seafood at a cheap price, you will also be able to find the Luoi market, which is the location that summons many kinds of fresh seafood, which have just been caught by local residents.

According to Ho Tram travel experience, if you want to go to Luoi market, you should take care of the yard in the morning from 6-7 hours and in the afternoon from 4-5 hours to have fresh fish, when the new residents go to the beach.


Seafood is the "main" dish in Ho Tram, but don't ignore some of the "famous specialties" such as stingray hot pot, banh khot, pigeon porridge that many people know.

They are sold a lot in Vung Tau, if you have decided to come here, you will probably have to "lose your spending budget" because there are many delicious dishes that are hard to resist.

Eating in Ho Tram is fine, but if you want to enjoy other "famous specialties", then come back to Vung Tau, there are many delicious dishes to choose from. Vietnam Budget Car Rental has been compiling some of the best seafood restaurants in Vung Tau here.

  • Bay Giai fish hot pot at 34/8 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 2
  • Stingray and frog hotpot: 46 Truong Cong Dinh
  • Ganh Hao restaurant at 3 Tran Phu, Bai Dua
  • Le Dung seafood restaurant on Tran Hung Dao street
  • Five-storey snail at A12 Nguyen Thai Hoc

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Top Things To Do In Ho Tram

Ho Coc Beach

Located right next to Ho Tram, only 20km away by motorbike to Ho Coc, a tourist area near the sea The location has quite a few luxury resorts sprouting up with one side is the sea, the other is primeval forest extremely beautiful.

Ho Coc has a very clear beach with a rare wild beauty, so many individuals when traveling to Ho Tram visit here.


Dia The Can Cu Minh Dam

According to the available information, it is one of the well-known revolutionary bases of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, there have been times when we have seen and felt so many successful battles of our army and people.

Now, Dia The Can Cu Minh Dam is gradually being invested to turn into a tourist place, attracting tourists to visit and survey about history.

Most of the caves, the rugged terrain from the war is still almost intact, The location has natural caves, forest cliffs and fresh water streams flowing all year round. Running along the foot of the mountain is the long coastline, which is ideal for combining a little forest and sea tourism in one day.


Binh Chau hot springs

As a familiar name to Vung Tau youth, Binh Chau hot springs is located right next to the Ho Tram landslide. This location is known by many people for services such as mineral mud baths, high quality hot spring baths for strength.

No need to go to far away DN, right now in Vung Tau, you will also be able to enjoy a very special "egg of longevity".


Vung Tau sea

Certainly, most of us when traveling to Ho Tram self-sufficient, choose to stay in Vung Tau beach to play and swim.


Not only the long, beautiful beaches and especially the clear blue sea, it seems that this poetic space is also what has become the "genuine" of Vung Tau. And that is also one of the best-selling tourist destinations in the past years.

And for every individual to have a trip full of experiences, we has compiled a super clear travel guide, click to learn more!


Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu primeval forest

Occupying an area of ​​more than 11 thousand hectares, along with abundant primitive vegetation, Binh Chau forest is the gathering place of plant species, with a total of 408 genera, 661 species, 113 families.

In which, many rare and precious species are found such as Konia, red woodpecker, honeydew wood, rosewood, Christmas tree, etc., creating a population of green primeval forests.

The strong and confident growth of the above plants has created the ideal environment and nature for the flora and fauna.

You will feel amazed by the variety of species with over 70 families, 29 orders, 178 species of which there are 179 species of reptiles, 106 species of birds, 12 species of amphibians and 51 species of mammals.

Having a Ho Tram travel experience, you may not be as sure as a nail, this is this primeval jungle located right next to Binh Chau hot mineral spring.

So it is possible that a day of combining to go to Ho Tram, hot mineral springs and visit the primeval forest is also very interesting, saving more memories and new and more fancy experiences.


Long Phuoc Tunnels

The method between the center of Ba Ria town about 10 km is the Long Phuoc tunnel, located in the area of ​​Long Phuoc commune. Although not many people know it like Cu Chi tunnels or Vinh Moc and Quang tunnels. 

It adds special significance to the plan for Ba Ria - Vung Tau province in the resistance wars against the French and the Americans. Long Phuoc at this time turned into a historical relic with a lot of money, turning into an interesting tourist destination for tourists every time they come to Ho Tram.


Ho Tram travel experience: One of the issues to keep in mind

If anyone has ever traveled to Ho Tram to be self-sufficient many times, perhaps that is too familiar, no need to pay attention to anything but just go.

For those of you who have just come here for the first time, no matter what, to make the trip smooth and hassle-free, you should learn some of the experiences as follows:

As a destination of choice every holiday, there are many tourists on weekends, so if we decide to stay overnight, we should all proactively book a room in advance, the sooner the better.

Traveling to Ho Tram is quite far, which can cause dizziness or headaches, everyone remember to bring medicine when necessary. And if you have a weak stomach, eating seafood is easy to go out, remember to bring Berberin medicine will be very effective.

The road from Saigon to Ho Tram, although the road is not really difficult, but every individual should carefully check the car before departure.

If you want to stay overnight, in addition to staying at a hotel, motel or homestay, you will also be able to bring a tent to set up temporary shelter.
Ho Tram beach has reef sites, we should all do swimming in the allowed location.

Hopefully, the above shared experiences about All Thing you need to know before traveling to Ho Tram Vung Tau will make your trip to discover Ho Tram Vung Tau more perfect.

See you in the next trip.

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