All Thing Need To know Before Travelling To Tan Lap Floating Village

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If there was nothing interesting, there would not be a destination as hot as today. Let's go with Vietnam Budget car rental to find out about the beauty of the floating village to know what to plan to play, what to eat here.

That is for all thing need to know before travelling to Tan Lap floating village so I wish this information will be helpful for your tour a day from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.

Tan Lap floating village travel experiences in 1 day from A to Z is what you need. Many people visit Tan Lap and said Tan Lap floating village had nothing to play, but in fact it is not so, whether a trip is interesting depends on how each person feels.

If there was nothing interesting, there would not be a destination as hot as today. Let's go with Vietnam Budget Car Rental to find out about the beauty of the floating village to know what to plan to play, what to eat here!

Tan Lap Floating Village is a small area located deep inside Dong Thap Muoi, where is mainly a flooded forest area with a typical ecosystem of the Southeast.


Melaleuca, lotus, gun, water hyacinth along with the rich fauna and fish have created a unique array of colors for this place. Authentic, rustic but no less ghostly photos have been born since then.

The land of Long An really knows how to please people thanks to such simple and simple scenes.

Tan Lap floating village in the eyes of young people Tan Lap floating village is originally an eco-tourism area, located in Tan Lap commune, Moc Hoa district, Long An province. Interspersed with floating villages with canals are Rach Rung and Vam Co Tay rivers flowing through.

Speaking of this, perhaps many people will probably remember to bring back the name Vam Co Tay River, which has been written in books during the years of the heroic resistance war against the enemy.

Tap Lap floating village was originally a flooded forest. That was in the past, now Tan Lap is much quieter, because there are no more bombs.

This place gradually becomes an eco-tourism area, with an area of ​​up to 135 hectares in the core zone and 500 hectares in the buffer zone. Tourists will go sightseeing on the route through the forest up to 5km long, or go downstream along the boats to feel the beauty of the natural beauty of the Melaleuca forest.

Inside the Tan Lap floating village, there are not only Melaleuca forests, rich flora and fauna, but also a natural reserve, a forest park, a wildlife migration area, a marina, etc.

When you spend a day traveling to Tan Lap floating village, you will not be bored, but on the contrary, there are many things worth exploring.


When Is The Best Time To Visit Tan Lap Floating Village?

Because it is a flooded forest eco-tourism area, surrounded by a long, green melaleuca forest system, you can go in any season.


But according to Tan Lap floating village tourism experience, if you want to get pictures to make your life shimmering, come here in its right season. If you are in the off-season then nothing interesting at all.

It is often said that if you want to travel to Tan Lap floating village, go in the floating season because at that time, the animals and plants grow most strongly. You will have the opportunity to see a miniature West in the heart of Long An, which is Tan Lap floating village.

The floating season in the West falls from August to November of the lunar calendar, which is also the rainy season in the central provinces. Tan Lap lotus season comes back flood water, many birds also come here to make nests to find the main source of food is fish.

In this season, Tan Lap also has many specialties of the river region, which are also richer and more abundant, otus flowers, water lilies in the floating village bloomed in a corner of the sky, taking great pictures.


How To Get To Tan Lap Floating Village?

Only 100km from Saigon, a distance not too far for you to have many choices of means of transport. You should find out about the direction in advance, if you are on a bus route, you should take a bus.

On the contrary, if the road is not convenient, or you want to go more freely, there is nothing more convenient than a motorbike.

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Traveling to Tan Lap floating village by motorbike:

With a distance of 100 km, traveling by fast fishing vehicle will take about 2.5 hours.

So, if you decide to go there by car, take advantage of it to go early to avoid the noonday sun. Below is a diagram for motorbikes, and this is also the easiest and fastest route:

  • From National Highway 1A – go westward – cross Tan An bridge to Highway 62 turn right – go further About 60km away, you will see Tan Lap floating village located right on the left.


  • Or you can take the inner route, from National Highway 22 from An Suong intersection to Nguyen Van Bua - DT824 - NHN2 - QL62. This route has few large vehicles, ideal for stopping to take pictures and sightseeing, but the section DT824 is in the process of construction, so it is quite dusty and potholes.


  • If traveling by motorbike will be faster, you should move to the HCM - Trung Luong expressway, cross the Vam Co Tay river to Highway 62, then turn right, continue to see Tan Lap floating village.


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Traveling to Tan Lap floating village by bus:

Although this vehicle is not very popular, Vietnam Budget Car Rental still introduces it to you.

From Saigon, if you want to catch the bus to the floating village, go to the big market bus station, take bus number 628 to Tan An bus station.

The bus has a trip every day, every 15 minutes, there is a trip so it is comfortable, the last route to Saigon is around 7pm.

  • From Tan An bus station, take the Tan Hung - Tan An route, go to the entrance to Tan Lap eco-tourism area, take another 1 and a half hours to arrive.
  • An experience of traveling to Tan Lap floating village is that if you take a bus, you should remember that the same route from Tan Hung - Moc Hoa back to Tan An is 3:30 pm.

For bus 628 is 14.000 VND, Tan Hung - Tan An bus is 30.000 VND. The whole afternoon went back less than 100k.

+ Note:

Although the cost of taking the bus is cheap, it actually takes 2-3 trips to arrive. Not to mention, at 3:30 a.m. There is the last trip to return to Tan An bus station. If you go on such a day, it will be quite tiring, and you will not be able to take advantage of the long stay.

If the calculation of going back and forth during the day is quite inconvenient, it is not possible to control the time. If you ride a motorbike, it's still much more convenient.

If you do not have a personal motorbike, you can use the motorbike rental service. In Saigon, there are quite a few motorbike rental shops

Average from 100.000 - 150.000 VND / 1 day. Another 100.000 VND gas is 250.000 VND / 2 people, calculated for less than 150.000 VND people.


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Accommodation Recommended In Tan Lap Floating Village

If you want to try the overnight experience here to learn about the life of the people as well as the beauty of Tan Lap at night, you should find a place to stay. About 5km away is the area of ​​Kien Tuong commune, where there are many popular motels, only about 50 - 100.000 VND / night.

If you go in a group, want to stay to organize camping, and spend the night in the Melaleuca forest, rent a tent. Expenses, meals at your own expense. If interested, you can refer to the price list as follows:

  • Tent 2 pax: 150.000 VND / night.
  • Tent 4 pax: 200.000 VND / night.
  • Tent 6 pax: 250.000 VND / night.

That is a suggestion about the form of accommodation, and normally in Tan Lap, there are not too many places to go. So if you really want to stay, you should stay.

Traveling to Tan Lap floating village for 1 day is enough to bring you a lot of interesting experiences.


How Tan Lap Floating Village Is Unique?

Tan Lap floating village is ideal for those who love nature, animals and want to have a peaceful feeling.

Come here, to go inside the tourist area, you have to buy an entrance ticket for 60.000 VND / person, and if you want to go, it's 30.000 VND / person. The boatmen will also act as guides, taking you on a tour and learning about the vast marshland, where there are green vegetation.


If you go right in the lotus blooming season in October and November, the boat will turn the water to bring visitors to the beautiful lotus pond area, so that everyone can freely live virtual.

Exploring the floating village by boat - the only means of transportation in the floating village After sitting on the boats to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river, you should take advantage of the 38m high tower.

From here, the whole space of the vast Melaleuca forest comes into view, it is impossible to resist its grandeur and immensity. The 5km long road going through the melaleuca forest is what makes visitors feel extremely impressed.

Not in the length but in this extremely ordinary-looking road itself, the ideal virtual living place. The proof is that thousands of pictures that look "nothing" turn out to be full of art.

It is the quiet, murky space of the Melaleuca forest, along with the creativity and unique poses of many young people that have "turned" this place into a "virtual living mecca" loved by everyone.

Extremely artistic pictures with floating village The concrete road through the melaleuca forest leads the exit to the semicircular lake, where the lotus flowers bloom shimmering when in season.

Ticket price to Tan Lap floating village is for those who want to explore the floating village more deeply, can eat buffet or not:

  • From Monday to Thursday: 180.000 VND / ticket (excluding breakfast buffet)
  • From Friday to Sunday: 350.000 VND / ticket (if there is no need to use buffet, according to regulations here you should buy tickets before 8:30 am or after 12:30 pm to buy tickets like normal days).

When buying tickets, people will be able to go to many areas such as folk games area or V-shaped Melaleuca street to visit and have fun. There is also a very interesting cable car service, meaning that there will be 6-7 people sitting on a boat.

After that, there will be a cable system under the water, pulling us around for about 2km to visit the beautiful scenery.


What to eats in Tan Lap Long An floating village?

Tan Lap floating village is still a wild tourist area, not really invested like other tourist areas, so the cuisine is not rich.

However, here still serve some rustic-style dishes, which are specialties of the river countryside. People can bring their own food here to organize shared meals for fun and save costs. But if you have come here, you should also explore the cuisine of the floating village.

The menu in Tan Lap floating village tourist area The dishes are sold for from 50.000 VND - 100.000 VND.

The menu is mainly typical dishes of the West River such as grilled snail with pepper, grilled snakehead fish, hot pot, bitter gourd, fish sauce hot pot, braised fish, fried eel with lemongrass and chili, western style grilled chicken, braised, etc...and many more attractive dishes.

If you go to eat with a lot of people, order 180.000 VND / hot pot, eat with grilled snakehead fish or braised, you will feel full.


Some notes when traveling to Tan Lap Floating Village

In the flood season, the concrete road through the Melaleuca forest can be flooded, but this is the most popular place for everyone. So to avoid "going back empty-handed", you should remember to contact the management of the floating village to understand the situation.


Organize fun teambuilding in the floating village Because the floating village tourist area is strictly controlled, if you want to bring food in, just bring cooked food, dry food or fruit. If you want to set up a tent to stay overnight, you should get prior approval from the management forest.

Melaleuca is also home to a lot of mosquitoes, so in order not to get bitten, prepare a bottle of medicine. With the experience of traveling to Tan Lap floating village in 1 day.

Vietnam Budget Car Rental hopes you will have moments of relaxation, immerse yourself in the peaceful space of the Melaleuca forest and record yourself vivid moments when the water season is arrived floating.

See you in the next trip.

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